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Thread: Phantom generated from a dingler

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    Phantom generated from a dingler

    Hi, just made this account to report something I just encountered:

    My opponent had a Soul Armaments on the field, then he played a Spiritbound Spy later and put Madame Ananas champion power on that spy.
    After that, I played a Mass Polymorph: Dingler on his monsters, so that he had 2 Dinglers (Spy and another troop) on the field, buffed by the Armaments.
    A few turns later, my opponent play Extinction, which cleared the field of his 2 Dinglers, which had not been modified since they where transformed by MassPolymorph.
    After Extinction resolved, a Phantom was generated nonetheless.

    Neither my opponent nor I could explain where that Phantom came from, since the MassPolymorph shouldve reverted the Buff by Madame Anana.

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    This must be a bug as the text for mass dingler does say revert and then transform. do you think you might be able to get some screen grabs of it happening?

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    There has been some other recent bug reports where things doesn't revert, it may be a problem with the revert mechanic.
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    Do you happen to remember if the Spy was given the champion power twice or just once?

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