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Thread: New game ad on youtube

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    were these already spoiled? they are in the trailer

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    some of them were.What this add tells me if i was new guy? almost nothing ;p I stil dont like it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoss View Post
    Much improved over previous efforts, I must say. Too bad the piranha cards show "error" instead of their card art, but other than that good stuff.
    Also, where is the pile of money and the beach girl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salverus View Post

    were these already spoiled? they are in the trailer
    Yes but only one of them with art thanks for the crisp image.
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    Nice vid.
    I just cant get enough of HEX

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    Mehh zopie does better adverts than thme, and error in game trailer? are you serious? Are they tring to kil the game or what?

    I dont do memes but i am tempted to do : u had one job meme with this advert
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    Oh Zakir's Frenzy won me SO many games on Saturday and Sunday. So good.

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    compared to the previous effort its much better...but honestly...this piranha error image is probably the most unforced error ive seen in a long long if you compare it to the horrible videos done in the past its good...if you are more objectively you wonder how such a mistake can ever happen

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    Very cool ad. I think there were some new cards spoiled in the gameplay involving the D/W Coyotle deck, but it was too difficult to make out the text.

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    I doubt Cory is going into the office, playing solitaire, and saying to himself 'man, wish I was doing some other project.' Be concerned if his public persona hasn't changed since the KS days as its more indicative of being stagnant as opposed to him slightly shifting focus as the game grows.

    This was shown during the inbitational, I swore the piranhas didn't have 'error' on them, but am probably mistaken.

    The ad in general is really good though, captures the right spirit of the game.

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