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Thread: Highest HP You have had?

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    Highest HP You have had?

    I'm just sitting here laughing, that this will never happen in PVP.

    What's the highest HP you have obtained?

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    It's illegible, so you might want to type it out.

    I once tried to roll the HP counter and the game locked. I couldn't read it the text was so small, but it was over 8 billion the last time I could read it.

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    if you keep attacking with ozawa against a champion with infinite chump blockers (e.g. the one that starts with 3 turreted walls and gets a free dude if he is below 10 health each turn) then you will eventually get so much life that it will become negative and you lose.

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    14848...Get hard to read even in 10's how did you read 8 billion?

    Would You know what would be the limit of HP before it goes over? Or before you brake the game.

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    I don't think it breaks the game anymore, just a rollover. Which is still bad, but they don't seem to be in a hurry to fix those issues.

    And it was the old interface, the highest resolution, and Window compatibility magnifying glass. I couldn't get all the numbers, but there were ten digits starting with 8,5 last I could make it out. Once eleventh digit was added, it was presumably somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 billion (this was my repli-Colin deck, not a Ozawa deck), but was too small to be sure.

    And my guess is the HP counter is a 64 bit signed integer, so over 9 quintillion.

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    maxed out at 160 billion in campaign sad thing is i wasn't looking to do that i was just getting blocked every turn and drawing nothing to help me finish it >.<
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    2^31-1 is maximum health
    afterwards it switches to negatives
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    well at that quantity of life, counting it isn't important anymore, and there will always be a limit on up to how much we can count, so yeah not a priority. They could do something so the life don't switch to negatives tho

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    Back in Alpha, Eternal Youth and all other excalation cards were multiplicative. You could go so high in HP that you hit Negative and lost quite quickly... Specially back when Demented Demolisher was OP

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    It's pretty easy to roll over the life total; I have one deck which does it accidentally whilst I'm trying to do other things if I'm not careful. And yes, I'm sure any Alpha players will remember how easy it was with the old Demented Youth deck.

    Now, as for actual numbers... I've never tried to go to the absolute limit, where +1 life will roll you over into the negatives. It might be interesting to go for; you'd need a mathematical way of adjusting your life just so. The easiest way to start getting the big numbers is probably Azurefate inspired Devoted Emissary with the +x/+x gem and either another Azurefate giving it the "gain life on enters play" gem or Titania's Majesty giving it that gem. If you fiddle around a bit with Emissary's health you can probably get to the exact figure...

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