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Thread: Primal Dawn - Lazgar Chul

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    Primal Dawn - Lazgar Chul

    All vennen are male. It is the fundamental truth of vennen society, the basis of their fanatical religious devotion.

    Except that it is a lie.

    The orcs have been keeping a secret for decades, even from their Ardent allies. The time has come to expose this secret to the world. The shockwaves of this revelation will surely plunge the Ardent and the Underworld back into the nightmare of all-out war.
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    Brilliant. Loved every word of it. This is the story-telling that I know Hex is capable of and helps create the world.

    Fantastic job!

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    She's tough all right, but could she survive 250 eggs to the face? /TeamBroodBaron

    A great read, and a very good card.
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    would be fun to see female vennen in game

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    That was awesome! Who wrote that excellent piece and why aren't they writing the next Hex novel?

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    Awesome piece of lore. Been dying to read that since I got stampede by her in Gauntlet :P

    Do we get an image teaser for tomorrow?

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    The lore is written by our very own Loregoyle.
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