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Thread: To spin or not to spin (High rarity chest)

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    To spin or not to spin (High rarity chest)

    The cost to spin high rarity chest are rather high. Is it worth spinning them or should I just open?

    Any logical argument/explanation why should we spin like Legendary chest or NOT to spin legendary chest?

    Thanks for reply/advise in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MugenMusou View Post
    The cost to spin high rarity chest are rather high. Is it worth spinning them or should I just open?

    Any logical argument/explanation why should we spin like Legendary chest or NOT to spin legendary chest?

    Thanks for reply/advise in advance.
    Here's my personal philosophy and experience.

    I roll enough Rare chests to get Primal chests (through double upgrades) to get the Sleeves that are only found in Primal chests (3 sleeves per set). Over the first 3 sets I've need to open anywhere from 10 - 24 Primal chests to get the 3 sleeves for a set.

    Also, rolling Legendary chests to get Primal chests would probably cost less (because of the higher incidence of single upgrades compared to double upgrades) but I get more chances at the normal WoF sleeves for the set that way.

    After I have all the Primal sleeves, I only roll Common chests until I get the 3 normal WoF sleeves for a set. After that I might roll some more commons to get the rest of the WoF loot from spins if needed, although I frequently just fill the gaps using the AH to save time. It's taken me as few as 100 rolled common sleeves to get all 3 sleeves from a set, and as many as 1400.
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    It's always "worth" spinning your chests if you value the end-goal of achieving primal chests.
    From my perspective, there is no value in opening a chest with a spin still.
    You either sell the chest with the spin, or spin the chest.
    Unfortunately, the only chests with decent sale value for spins are Common, and for relatively decent prizes are Legendary.

    This is the frustration a lot of players have with the system, because we take value out of the economy if we open unspun chests, but not many can afford to spin anything higher than common without reservations.

    It takes me a good 30mins + to farm for one Rare spin in gold. That's quite the price to pay for 70ish in plat value and 30minutes of time, dumped down the gambling hole. The marginal pay off is great, but comes at a high cost of entry, and small % proc rate.

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    If you want the sleeves and higher rarity chest drops it's worth it.Otherwise it's a waste of lots of resources.

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    Personally, I think it's always worth it to spin commons, and sometimes worth it to spin rares, I always just open uncommon and legendary. it depends on if there's equipment I want from the legendary chests or not. I find the primal chest sleeves ugly, so i don't put any value on them.

    Uncommons can upgrade to legendaries too, but I barely have enough gold to even consider rolling rares, so I've just given up on them.

    As for legendaries, they're 3$ a spin, and that's just ridiculous, I can't bring myself to waste that much on a glorified slot machine.

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    Spinning chests is a matter of if you can afford it and if you want the items. Other than if you want the sleeves its probably cheaper to buy the cards/equipment from the AH.

    I only just this week got my final set 2 sleeve I was missing from rolls after hundreds and hundreds of spins. Im still missing 1 primal sleeve but I just don't have the gold to spin higher rarity chests.

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    I don't keep track but i've certainly earned more than 20 000 plat by spining commun and uncommun chest since july 2015.
    So i thinks the gain exceed a lot the gold sink for common and unco chests. But i may be very lucky

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    Personally I don't roll any chests because I don't enjoy gambling too much - to me not winning feels a lot worse than winning feels good. Also there's just too much stuff I can buy with my gold so I never have enough to spin anyway

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    I'm spining only common and uncommon chests, the common to ghet the WoF rewards, the uncommon in hope of a double upgrade to legendary.

    i have spined rare chests only in arre occasion when i had a lot of gold and no other chests to spin, but i think that it's not woth.

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    I spin everything. Unfortunately, due to the cost of doing so, I have quite a backlog of chests waiting to be spun. I think the value of spinning is very poor overall, but I want the sleeves soooo...I spin. But I don't feel good about it, and I feel like the costs are way too high.

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