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Thread: This game needs a divine offering mechanic, or a way to get guaranteed resources

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    This game needs a divine offering mechanic, or a way to get guaranteed resources

    As much as I want to enjoy this game, the fact that's so RNG based really infuriates me at times. The way I see it is that playing Hex is like playing a game of throwing dices where you only win if you throw a 3 or a 4. Each game you either draw too many resources or too little resources and very little in between. That's the problem - I concede a fight one game because I'm starved at two mana, and I concede a fight the next game because I have 5 resource cards at turn 4 and no minions.

    This game needs a mechanic to get guaranteed resource draws or guaranteed non-resource draws if you start with bad draws on the first few turns. Because praying that your next draw is a resource card or a minion is not a fun experience at all. It doesn't teach you how to combo, utilize card synergy, or use cards to counter their decks; it only teaches you how to decorate your entire room with candles and incenses so that the RNGesus will be happy and give you all the best draws you need.

    This is coming from someone who never played MTG by the way.

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    It's an argument that has been made by countless people here, and with MTG since both games inception. The resource system was intentionally designed that way. The Mulligan system as well. They did implement a big change for PvE that reduces variance at less cost to the player through the free mulligan. The game will continue to improve through fixing options with future sets, but screw and flood are key elements of the game.

    I think you mentioned once that you played HS, and HS basically went for the lowest common denominator decision to make obtaining resources a built in mechanic. Very different games. Other solutions had been mentioned too, like flipping a card face down to use as a resource, but again, this game was not designed to reward players for avoiding good resource %'s in their decks.

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    I agree with everything Nico said. If you get some short responses, realize it's because as he said, there have been countless threads on the issue.

    HexEnt made it clear before the KS ended that this was the resource system and they were going to stick with it. You'd have a lot more of the player base walking away from the game than staying with it if they did any radical changes to it, and the resource dynamics in a TCG makes it very, very difficult to perform any 'small' changes that are not radical.

    Personally, the resource system in its present state is one of the primary reasons I prefer Hex over other TCGs that have tried different ways to mitigate screw/flood (Hearthstone, Solforge, etc. etc.)

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    No the game is not designed for that. It's a card game : RNG is part of the gameplay, without it the game would be dull

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    If the game was really RNG then the best players would not win the majority of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BreadMold View Post
    This game needs a mechanic to get guaranteed resource draws or guaranteed non-resource draws if you start with bad draws on the first few turns. Because praying that your next draw is a resource card or a minion is not a fun experience at all.
    No card games need this mechanic. I think you may simply be used to other games giving you fairly extreme options to salvage bad hands.

    Here's the thing: you mention wanting to combo, utilize card synergy and counter your opponent's deck. But doing that requires more than just putting cards in a deck and hoping for the best. At the most base level, a player has to understand the mechanics that allows a player to play their cards, and that includes the resource system and starting hands.

    Extreme variance will always affect you sometimes, but it is not unique to Hex at all. Those games, you may never be able to win. A Hearthstone example: You draw all high-cost cards after mulligan, and your opponent just aggro's you to death with no recourse.

    There is likely a percentage of your games in Hex where you mulligan badly, or keep a risky hand. And while the end effect of a bad or risky starting hand is similar to extreme variance, those hands are where you actually did have a choice to start with a less risky hand.

    "Starved at 2" means you kept a 2-shard hand. On average with 40% resources, you'll get 2 resources in 5 cards. Why did you keep that hand with 2 starting resources? Did you keep that hand acknowledging that you still needed one resource (or more) to play your starting cards? Not to mention, you don't automatically lose a game by missing a resource drop: can your deck handle being delayed one or two turns while it gets a resource?

    "Five resources in hand with no troops on turn 4" means that you have 9 total resources after 3-4 card draws. You kept a five-resource hand. What were the other starting cards in your hand, or your champion power/strategy, that made you decide to keep such a hand? You have the exact same "2 resources in 5 cards" average draw, so even an average draw may leave you with more resources than you can use if you keep a large number of starting resources.

    You can win games down one or two cards, and determining what hands you can keep and what to redraw is a key part of increasing your win rate.

    And we play best-of-3. Take your one variance loss, and win the next two.
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    i lost a lot of game for shard problem, sbut i'll never change the resurce system

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    Just give a player on draw (second player) one free mulligan, so it would not only satisfy a lot of players giving a little more consistency, but would also bring real reasons on chosing who goes first after coin flip.

    I'm afraid to imagine HEX Worlds final: mulligan, mulligan, mulligan, mulligan...yay! now we have our champion! There was something not very different from that even on HEX Invitational 2016 final.
    I say it all the time, HEX shouldn't use 23-years old mechanics. Even MtG made some changes to it recently. Just think of it.
    To be modern, HEX should get rid of it's weaknesses. And mulligan\play\draw system is one of them. Why? Because every MODERN card game tries to avoid those problems.

    Sorry for my English, and perhaps it's the last time I post about this problem, because it seems that nobody here wants to consider any of core changes. It makes me sad, because I passionly want HEX to become as successful as possible. And blind fanboy love (no offence to anybody) sometimes hurts and kills pottentialy successful projects. I love HEX, it's not perfect yet, but I hope it will become ideal one day.

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    I don't think even the most die-hard of fanboy's agree with the old resource system borrowed from Magic being perfect. However, the more you delve into proposals to fix it, the more it exposes flaws with those proposals, and doesn't truly address issues with the core resource system and mulligan systems design. Ultimately, I think it comes down to also balancing the game and how cards are designed with the resource system and mulligan system in mind.

    If you want to mention HEX world finals, you can already mention the $100,000 tournament, and the finals there already had a lot of active mulligans. I don't think it took away from the games and those games still were very competitive, it just speaks to players knowing what they need, and knowing when their hand size has already gotten to low to fish further. Also, it speaks to the competitive decks at the tournament having at least 40% resource bases in their decks, and many decks having additional fixing and cheap draw beyond that to over compensate.

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    A little something more for the person on the draw could indeed be interesting.

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