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Thread: Unable to buy plat using Walmart Visa debit gift card...

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    Unable to buy plat using Walmart Visa debit gift card...

    I use the "via prepaid service" option and click on the second tab (Giftcards 2) where a dropdown appears in which I select "Walmart". I enter the card number and PIN (last four digits of card number according to Walmart) and I get the message "We could not verify that brand, card number, and PIN combination."

    I think I may be having issues with Gameforge as the financials are going through a European system, while the gift card is restricted to America. However, when I dug up previous forum posts with gift card issues there was an error message indicating the non-American transaction warning which I did not get.

    If my card is the problem, are there any suggested work arounds? Are there gift cards I could buy with this Visa gift card that would get me access to the ingame store? For geographical clarification I reside in the United States and live within a mile of a Walmart.

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    You may want to register and submit a ticket to so that they can look into it and help out.

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