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Thread: Why don't I see any marketing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregangel View Post
    Everybody notice the undergoing marketing right now ?
    Jeff Hoogland twithing and writing article for Hex, Sullivan writing article for Hex, Varrannis writing article.

    It's targeted marketing happenning right now. I call that double agents recruitment ^^

    And it seem to work well. Do you notice the increase activity in clbstructed gauntlet recently ?
    I will answer the last question first. No. Yesterday it was worse than like for example two weeks ago.

    As to the marketing strategy. Writing articles on the hextcg mainpage can hardly be called marketing. Jeff Hoogland was not paid to play Hex and neither was Chris van Meter (at least I would assume that). When Chris van Meter played Hex he had like a bit above 50 viewers on twitch. This is nothing against Chris but I dont think he will drag that many HS/MTG players into Hex. Using outsiders/beginners (beginners relatively to Hex) to write articles about hex constructed is actually something that doesnt sit quite right with me. I realy dont hope they did it because of the marketing that comes with that (because that effect is just very very small). There are so many talented constrcuted players who have played Hex for years and have won tournaments on a regular basis (and that would not be me...before anyone asks). That being said the articles were not bad. make it short. It could be part of a marketing strategy but it probably would be a neglectable part. The most important part is to get articles and reviews on gaming sites. And there nothing has changed. Ads are the other part.

    And again...targeted marketing by using facebook might be a bit dirty but I still think it could work

    That all being said: Lets give HXE/Gameforge some more time..
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    Double post sorry

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    About gauntlet : it was easter week end, so...
    But still, we have now 15/20 5 victory gauntlet a day, in january or february we had 5/6 5 victories gauntlet a days.

    On marketing :
    Of course it's marketing ! There is nothing spontaneous in that. That's clearly a part of hex plan to reach new players.
    I have no info but i stongly assume they are paid .

    The important things is not writting article, even streaming but the promotion of these articles by the writers themselves on their social network.

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    I will say that Jeff Hoogland brought new players into the game. I just dont think it has much to do with him writing articles (for which he gets some compensation presumably) but it has to do with him playing and streaming Hex. Maybe Chris might have a similar effect. But the first stream he did makes me doubt that (simply because of the viewer numbers). That might have been an exception though to be fair. I dont think they were paid to play and stream Hex.

    The gauntlet has been overall better the last few weeks than it has been on January. I would correlate that though with pve. It brought old players back and new in. Those have now finished pve and decide to play gauntlet. The first weeks during pve it was almost impossible to play constructed gauntlet. It also has to do with the fact that everyone is sick of limited. I would not say that it is a sign of marketing.
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    I don't think they are paid to just play and stream . The deal must be : you play and stream Hex and we ask you to write paid Hex articles for the site and you promote them on your social network. Seem fair

    About gauntlet activity maybe your right. Addition of several factors.

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    Pretty sure the articles were just later. The way you describe it, it was a planed thing from the begining. I higly doubt that. And if they were paid for playing/promoting than why not pay trump etc.

    edit: I just realize that I got Varranis amd CVM confsued. Varramis wrote the article. The point is the same for Varranis though.
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    Personally I think it's great to have som "outside" guys play, stream and write about Hex.
    Actually it's exactly the targeted marketing I had hoped to see:
    Hex is a special game and it's wildly different from about anything else on the market. Hex doesn't need to grow overnight, it's not one of those games that get binge played by the masses for some days/weeks and get shut down a year later or end up uninstalled in everybodys Steam library. Hex has the potential to run for years and years to come and while I hope we'll be able to get tons of TCG newbies interested in the game as time goes by the TCG veterans that know the genre by heart are the ones that we need to get interested and invested in Hex and having those guys play Hex gets the word to those guys. Everybody we convince that Hex actually is the superior game matters

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    I don't think we'll get as many conversions from Hearthstone as from MTG. The core gameplay is sufficiently different enough that the venn diagram capturing the players interested in both games is smaller than they would be for MTG.

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    I've been following this topic for a while and am I the only one who sees this is going nowhere?

    CZE has with gameforge a middle sized publisher that has all the knowledge ans possibilites. Be assured they have a product manager for it and they have a business plan that will also ensure at state of the art marketing plan.

    Will they do it like EA, Blizzard or Ubisoft? No, because they can't spend millions. What they can do, is spending their budget on clever and target oriented marketing. And of course they will do it in time, because it is a great product and I can even imagine in like 5-10 years this will takeover "the other TCG"s numbers because it is more convinient, cooler AND has real life tournaments.

    I just hope they soon have a clever referal program, that rewards guys for bringing their friends, without creating thousands of fake accounts that just collect and sell the rewards. Might works with accounts exclusive sleeves or other stuff you cannot sell...
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    I saw hex ads on some forums I play on.
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