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Thread: Raid Strategies: How would YOU synergize a three-man team?

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    Raid Strategies: How would YOU synergize a three-man team?

    Don't shoot me. I know, it's a long ways off. But Raids will eventually be coming and with them multiplayer content. How would you deck build if you knew there would be two other people on your team?

    Here are the assumed rules:
    - Assume three enemy opponents. Cards that affect all opposing champions or opposing troops are therefore more widespread. You may choose which opponent to attack during your attack phase.
    - Cards affecting troops you control only affect troops YOU control. You can't mass buff another team member's army with Evolve. You can however bless them with Blood Aura.
    - Basic actions may only be used on YOUR turn. Since your turn only comes up one time in the six turn rotation... don't expect to be able to respond to enemy actions quickly with basic actions. Quick spells will definitely be needed for that.
    - Each player has their own life total and troop defense. You cannot block for each other but you can assist with targetable cards and effects. Adaptatron w/Helm is the MVP, being able to target anything on the board with his buffs at any time.

    So the question is... what type of multi-deck synergies would you go for? Would you specialize with different types of deck styles to cripple multiple areas of your enemy's strategy? Would you let one guy bring that heavy removal deck and support him with troop buffs? Would all three of you run a mill deck and unify your efforts to deck one opponent at a time while rapidly gaining spiders? Would you focus down one enemy or use "all opposing champion" effects to share the pain?

    Ideally I think I'd use a three-pronged attack to triple threat opponents and focus down the deadliest boss each turn.

    One player would run a sapphire/blood Brood spiders deck, possibly using Brood Baron to kill an enemy without even wiping out its health. This player's job would be to infect the enemy deck with Terrorantulas and support the others with their outstanding removal capabilities. As he's running blue he can also support us with card draw and counterspells.

    Second player would run a diamond/blood Necrotic shift deck, making use of his cleric powers to lifedrain and heal spam with Paladins, tasked with building our heavy hitting force with a rapidly growing army of enormous powerhouses with all kinds of special keywords. Our main offense long term for ripping through the enemy lines while sustaining himself with healing to reach the end game.

    Third player would run wild/ruby Ramp buff deck, responsible for not only the early game aggro necessities but also the early powerhouses and growth effects to bolster the rest of our troops with Crush and stat bonuses. His job is just to throw troop wave after troop wave at the enemy to keep them off balance until the slower control decks can build up.

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    I think I'd simply expect each of the three players to run infinite combos, and work on getting at least one online. With three people, it's triple the chances of drawing that winning combination, so stalling long enough should be pretty easy.

    Sorry for the boring answer, but that's what I'd anticipate. I'm seeing myself run replicator's gambit combo, for the time being. We'll have to see what's available by the time raids get here.
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    Wait..... no Citadel of Adamanth? You don't even need teammates or a deck! Only one card to rule em all! Citadel of Adamanth!

    Ok joke aside :P

    3 Players all with: Nazhk Lookout, Lunacy, Twisted Fate, Dementia Daisies, Chaotic Murmurs, maybe some Psychic Torment for extra flavour.
    It wouldn't even come to a fight, cause their whole deck would be gone by turn 4 lol
    Let's just go with a Nazhk Lookout example, where every1 would play 1 in turn 2.
    Player 1 plays Nazhk - 0 cards milled total
    Player 2 plays Shard - 1 card milled total
    Player 2 plays Nazhl - 2 cards milled total
    Player 3 plays Shard - 4 cards milled total
    Player 3 plays Nazhk - 6 cards milled total

    after that it would be 3 cards milled from each opposing champions deck for every card played

    Let's just go a couple steps further. Since its turn 2 for the 3 opponents too, we just assume 2 played a shard and 1 played a shard + another card, which sums up to 4 cards played with 3 milled per, so another 12 total + the 6 from before.

    18 cards total by now. We assume every1 plays a shard which would be another 9 cards, summing up to 27,
    Player 1 plays a Lunacy for 5 + 3 from Lookouts - 35 cards total
    Player 2+3 play another card, another 6 cards milled - 41 total

    Now take a look at the description of Chaotic Murmurs again, and decide how many cards got milled right at the start

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zantetsuken View Post
    - Basic actions may only be used on YOUR turn. Since your turn only comes up one time in the six turn rotation...
    Why not shared turns a la THG?


    I presume each of the raid bosses will have some amount of mechanic or gameplay alteration that precludes simply running in with the same meta across the board.

    I'd envision a raid boss that functions like an Emperor game, or one that functions like a Hoard or Archenemy game, some that have Planechase style environmental effects.

    Ideally, I'd like to see as few RNG based effects as possible, but I can't imagine you'll simply be able to walk into each boss with a Holy Trinity style setup and take it away.


    That said, all three players running infinite combos is a pretty strong possibility. Because infinite is infinite -- the game immediately degenerates once one player gets it to work.

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    I hope we'll get a little more variety than infinite combo decks...
    It's like watching a full top 16 of zero-may-cry teams in UMvC3, hah.
    I apologize in advance for anyone that doesn't understand the reference, and apologize even more to the people that do get it.

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    one player does reginald, other player does fifth book, third player applauds.

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    I think a good team would consist of 1 aggro/tempo, 1 midrange/ramp, and 1 control/combo. Early game would be the job of aggro/tempo with midrange/ramp jumping in to sustain threats through the midgame with a control or combo player who either supports the other two via control or closes out end game with huge threats or big fat combos.

    If AZ1 is anything to go by, I have a feeling running 3 infinite combo decks would be a sure way to lose. HXE is clearly not opposed to allowing bosses to start with threats in play before the game even starts. So waiting/hoping for 3 combo decks to assemble and go off doesn't seem like it would have much success, so I'd go for a more balanced team that can handle a wide swathe of threat types and various points of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quantius View Post
    I think a good team would consist of 1 aggro/tempo, 1 midrange/ramp, and 1 control/combo.
    *nod nod *

    I agree! ^_^

    The game would be quite dull if infinite combos were the only way to win and equally droll if they actually stood a chance at it. I think we'll need all deck types to survive whatever is in store for us. Someone to insure we survive turn 2, someone to drag the enemy's win condition past turn 5, and someone to seal the deal should things get to turn 8.

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    I dunno, infinite combos were a good way of beating Wormoid Queen and Army of Myth 6. Regular decks got destroyed by those ones, usually. And having three people working on the combos increases success rate dramatically.
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    Disregarding degenerate strategies, and depending on boss conditions, I expect to see one of a few types of team.

    First there's the pure aggro team, where all three players play a highly aggressive strategy (or perhaps two play very aggressive and one plays a little slower with some midrange punch). These teams would be designed to kill the boss before it can really get rolling with its unique gameplay.

    Then there's the mixed team, where one person plays a nearly pure control deck with no real consideration given to wincons (because that's what teammates are for), one person plays a deck which focuses on hard-to-answer win conditions, and one person plays a deck which is tempo based or otherwise stalls out the game long enough that the player with the win conditions can get online. This third player can still win, too, of course, by playing cards like Buccaneer and Splinter of Azatoth which both stall the boss and provide board presence.

    Finally there's the total control team, where all three players use Wintermoon-esque (if not actually Wintermoon) decks, designed to control the game until one of a handful of win conditions is on board and protected. It's going to be really hard for a non-hyper-aggressive raid boss to beat three Countermagic + Extinction type decks without having a lot of "this card can't be interrupted" effects or entirely new gameplay dimensions which discourage going to the late game.

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