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Thread: Self Entombment- R/S PVE Self-Mill Deck

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    Self Entombment- R/S PVE Self-Mill Deck

    We all knew was going to have its heyday at some point.

    NOT for adventure zones, for frost ring and such only, though it may be possible to modify it appropriately for such purposes.

    Champion: Nin the Shadow

    8x Ruby Shard
    11x Sapphire Shard
    4x Shard of Innovation

    4x The Ancestor's Chosen (Crown of the Ancient Kings)
    4x Chronic Madness
    4x Ancestral Ire
    4x Storm Cloud
    3x Scroll of Yazukan
    4x Purging Flames (Purple Pointed Purgers)
    2x Lady Devonshire
    3x Cloud Queen (Lantern of the Cloud Queen)
    2x Eldritch Dreamer (Draw Gem)
    2x Angel of Foresight (Mim's Staff)
    2x Sunsoul Phoenix
    3x Dream Eagle (Eagle Feathered Gloves)

    (Also consider- Zakiir, Mortar Strike, Rain of Meteors, Cosmic Totem, Optimatron)

    I don't really have everything necessary to make a more refined version of the deck- I'm currently missing a Lady Devonshire and Rain of Meteors from this list, and would potentially like more Angels of Foresight, which I can't really test due to a a critical lack of them- but this is still a lot of fun. In case it wasn't clear, your bury cards and power should be being used on YOURSELF. (Though honestly in a lot of cases this works just as well on the opponent- if you haven't got an Ancestor's Chosen out, then once you have enough troops in your grave for Ancestral Ire to take out most any threat, you're safe to just mill your opponent if you'd prefer. See below for more details.)

    I think my favorite thing about this deck is that you don't really need to worry about removal, since, hey, you want stuff in your grave anyways. XD On top of that, nearly EVERY CARD is a win con of some kind, and they interact with each other so very nicely. To list them:

    -The Ancestors make more cards/troops for you to bury or play, and create a flying air battalion that wins all on its own given time. These are pretty crucial to the deck- as mill fodder, the spirits are essentially free procs off anything that counts on troops being buried, and as actual troops, they're 1 cost 2/2 cantrips with flight. Plus, the less of a deck you have, the more chance you'll pick one up or bury one when they're created at the start of the turn. Try to get one down T1.
    -The scrolls proc off self-mill and trades, so you'll be seeing horrors QUICK.
    -Chronic Madness is a key enabler of the deck- unfortunately it's not all that substitutable, since it's pretty much the only mill action that lets you target ANY champion, including yourself. Most others mill the opponent only, sad to say. Chaotic Murmurs is the poor man's substitute, but it's pretty expensive for what it does. If you have them, use these.
    -The Eagles help sift for shards (VERY important to get your shard base with this deck) and put another troop in the grave.
    -Ancestral Ire is a pretty darn powerful card here. You're gonna have enough troops in the grave to kill virtually anything pretty quick, making this an extremely well costed bit of removal.
    -Storm Clouds make tons of little stormlings, which can be sacrificed at will to fill up that grave and get some nice effects out of it at the same time.
    -Cloud Queens, same thing, but even better, since they also make a storm cloud and provide charges for the others, plus a free use of your charge power. She's essentially four free troops to the grave and a 2 card bury. Not absolutely necessary- replace with other fitting "create" things like Royal Falconer or the like if you prefer- but very good here.
    -Lady Devonshire, putting those actions back in your deck and doubling each of them? Amazing, especially if she hits Ancestral Ire. Slightly less amazing with Purging Flames*, but if it's now back in your deck you'll have the chance to actually PLAY it, though you should really only be using those as a game ender anyways. If she gets Chronic Madness? Might be time to start milling the opponent instead, because if you hit just two, assuming you didn't play any yet, that's 4+8+12+16 cards- 2/3rds of most decks down the drain.
    -Angel of Foresight makes more of herself when you play an action she "prophecized", and since she draws those actions to your hand, possibly brought back and doubled by Lady Devonshire, you could very easily be swimming in Angels. She isn't absolutely necessary, but she's a lot of fun.
    -Xarlox hitting you too hard? Finding yourself dumping only your actions in to your grave? Make use of those with Sunsoul Phoenix and hit 'em where it hurts.
    -Dreamers: they draw, they damage, they can't be stopped. Nothing not to like.
    -Ah, the big finisher. After a few uses of charge power, self mill, and eagles, Purging Flames is pretty much a one sided board wipe and game ender. The utterly insane amount of damage you can get off with these is too much to ignore; often times it will be doing 15-20 damage by turn 5 or 6, and as an action it's not very easy/possible for most opponents to stop. As there aren't many sources of major damage in the deck otherwise, unless your list is modified these are pretty dang important. The angel's major utility is pulling them out if you can't seem to draw one or dig for one with an eagle, in fact. Use it with caution though- it voids all troops in the grave, so if you have a phoenix in there with just one action to go before you can bring it back, or an ancestral ire sitting in your hand, think about using those first. Though, honestly if you're using it at all you've probably already won.

    A few general tips: Some of the more expensive cards can be substituted, but you'll want at least some of the core cards. Cards that make more cards are crucial here, so keep that in mind when substituting. Getting double sapphire first is important, and shard screw is potentially a problem if you get unlucky, so mulligan appropriately. Try to know when and when not to use madness/your charge power on yourself, since it may be more helpful to wait until you have scroll, phoenix, or purging flames in hand to use them. Timing is critical with this deck, so keep that in mind.

    *(Potentially) A bit of a weird interaction right now actually- a copied purging flame will have the first one activate and damage, then void from your crypt, but NOT from the opponent's crypt before letting the second one go off, so the second one WILL still probably end up doing damage. Note Aradon's comment below however, which is entirely possible and makes far more sense. But the extra damage is still a cool little thing to remember if that ever happens.

    It's now 3:48 in the morning for me, so I'm gonna leave it there. Have fun!
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    For your note on Purging Flames at the bottom, are you sure that the second Purging Flames isn't just finding the troops that were sent to their graveyard from being killed by the first purging flames? It voids crypts, then kills dudes, so the second one will still deal damage equal to the number of troops the first one kills.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aradon View Post
    For your note on Purging Flames at the bottom, are you sure that the second Purging Flames isn't just finding the troops that were sent to their graveyard from being killed by the first purging flames? It voids crypts, then kills dudes, so the second one will still deal damage equal to the number of troops the first one kills.
    Entirely possible, but I don't recall killing anything with that first purging flames. That's a more logical version though, so you're probably right and I'm confusing my matches. Will confirm if I ever manage to get Lady Devonshire out on flames again; she's hard to get out of the deck when you don't have 2.
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    I can't believe I didn't already consider this, but if you have them, try and slot in an Optimatron or two with chest equipment. Equipment slots perfectly, and will stomp virtually ANYTHING by the time you get to play it.
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    So I found that half the time it took a long time to get going and I was best served by just winning via swinging with troops and the other half was milling away key cards and hoping to dig out a Lady Devonshire to get back things I wanted.

    As I messed with other shards and moved away from Sapphire, I ended up with a slightly more toolbox oriented shell.


    x4 Fertile Engorger
    x4 Merciless Culler
    x4 Dream Eagle (gloves)
    x3 Wretched Wrangler
    x2 Necrophage Sensi
    x1 Moqui (trinket and weapon)
    x1 Gront the Infinite
    x1 Urunaaz
    x1 Zakiir
    x1 Zealous Excruiciator

    x3 Secret Laboratory
    x4 Call the Grave
    x1 Rise Again
    x4 Ancestral Ire
    x4 Purging Flames (feet)

    x4 Shard of Hatred
    x9 Blood Shard
    x9 Ruby Shard

    Rather than milling myself, I discard troops and select key troops to bring back when I need them. Engorger dumps himself into the GY on T2 leaving behind a couple chump blockers and sacrifice targets for Merciless Cullers. Cullers are awesome cause you can sac them to themselves and bring them back to do it again.

    Wretched Wranglers give you a discard ability, but also give you a couple hoppers that can serve as sacrifices, as discard choices when filtering with Secret Lab, or as chump blockers.

    Moqui after a Purging Flames is usually GG
    Zakiir can end stalemates on the board
    Gront the Infinite is great for controlling the board
    Urunaaz swings the game as soon as it enters play
    Zealous Excruiciator is great if you're slightly ahead and need a bit of tempo to get to where you can close out the game

    As for the original idea of self mill, I'm testing an artifact variant, if it's worth posting, I'll share it.

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