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Thread: Level 9 Necrotic Cleric

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    Level 9 Necrotic Cleric

    Hi all,
    I've been using this as my farm deck, thought I'd share.

    Affinity: Cleric
    The Righteous Path
    Faith in our Leader
    Unlock: Divine Altar

    10 diamond shard
    10 blood shard
    4 shard of retribution
    3 Adamanthian Scrivener (Ink-Stained Gloves)
    2 Form Ranks (Steel Treads)
    3 Hatchery Priest
    3 Taint
    2 Righteous Paladin (Sigil of Grace)
    2 Gortezuma, High Cleric
    2 Martyr
    2 Elegy of Death
    3 Kill
    3 Inner Conflict
    2 Protectorate Clergyman
    3 Paladin of the Necropolis
    1 Phenteo the Brood Priest (Staff of the Brood Priest)
    2 Grim Harvester
    2 Corrupt Harvester (Reaper's Helm, Robes of Dark Rebirth)
    2 Royal Diplomat (Minor Blood Orb of Hatred, Minor Diamond of Duty)

    It's a pretty standard cleric deck, with some good synergy.

    (I know that a lot of people prefer vennen, it would also work with this build. More synergy with my spider aspect, but the necrotic armor helps out a lot in my experience).

    If you have any suggestions or feedback to help improve this, just let me know.

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    I'm sure this can handle all the standard content though I'm always happy to include some things that can subvert soul-crushing failure in the direst of circumstances. With upcoming content undoubtedly being even harder, this might be warranted.

    Personal opinion ways to improve that I use in my own deck... CONSTANTS!

    - Incantation of Righteousness -
    What's that? You like spamming heals? Then why aren't you creating a 4/4 lifedrain troop that buffs EVERY other troop you have by +2/+2? It only costs 2 to put out and 5 heals to activate. The Scriveners can do it by themselves early game.

    - Soul Marble -
    So I heard you hate when your giant troops get removed. How would you like spellshield, steadfast and another +2/+2 on every troop you control? Okay okay, the steadfast thing is redundant for clerics... but free spellshield and stat bumps for the low price of 10(+2) resources paid over several turns? Or heck, if you prefer you can just make it into a 6/6 steadfast and spellshield troop.

    - Holy Ascension -
    And I heal, and I heal, and I heal, and I heal, and this is going nowhere. My enemy is keeping up with his own lifedrain force or his forces are too scary to attack. Or heck, I'm playing the wormoid queen or some other boss that can't be attacked most of the time. Welp... good thing I brought this life-stealing Angel Cloning Machine that has the side effect of making all my troops Invincible. Suck on Extinction, enemy noobs!

    With some of the noteworthy action cards that can save the day when the enemy is just wrecking your board state:

    - Purge -
    When building a deck entirely out of clerics, voiding all non-clerics from play is a good thing.

    - Citadel of Adamanth -
    Needs no introduction. Automatic win.

    - Noble Heart -
    1 cost action that makes a troop Invincible. Target your biggest life-draining beat stick then laugh at the Killipede.

    All of these will assuredly make the deck slower. But immortality is a different type of fun. ^_^
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    Yeah, I may have to play around. I know that a couple of the cards aren't always useful, and this deck certainly can hold stall for some of the slower cards.

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    Definetly incanatation of rightousness in dimaond cleric dekc, always.
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