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Thread: Resource destruction deck - any ideas?

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    Resource destruction deck - any ideas?

    Hey all!

    I've been toying with a resource destruction deck, since I used to play L/D back in the day and if anything is worse than mill, it's L/D.

    I haven't gotten consistency yet - there are options, and zakiir can be the one-trick pony if you're lucky, but I want to be consistent and viable.

    Any ideas on how to go about this?

    (I have played around with demolish specs + fifth book, but they are too slow and inconsistent...need to balance stall with destruction to ensure victories).

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    Well, I tried some builds today, artifact ramp with Destructive Marauders and Fifth Book + reversion, but I ended up with an resource destruction deck that wins mostly without resource destruction so I kinda feel like I didn't quite get there. In any case, here's what I ended up with:


    x4 Dream Eagle (Gloves)
    x3 Arcane Focus
    x2 Epiphany (trinket)

    x4 Spirit of Retribution (head and feet)
    x4 Lady Devonshire
    x3 Royal Herald

    x3 Inner Conflict (weapon)
    x2 Hellshot Catapult (chest)
    x2 Time Ripple

    x1 Augmented Awakening
    x4 Demolition
    x4 Iljun's Parade (Major Ruby of Destruction)

    x3 Sapphire Shard
    x4 Diamond Shard
    x4 Ruby Shard
    x4 Shard of Innovation
    x4 Shard of Conquest
    x4 Shard of Purpose

    I ended up with Palamedes just because his power is pretty helpful to stay alive, keeping board presence is important since you're waiting to get going with this deck.

    Originally I was running x4 Fifth Book and x4 Reversions (-2 Time Ripple, -2 Iljun's Parade, -2 Epiphany, -1 Royal Herald, -1 Arcane Focus) but they were a bit slow even if they were effective later on.

    Early game Spirit of Retribution and Royal Herald take care of most things. The Spirits are awesome, you don't need the threshold for their equip ability to trigger, so while you're assembling pieces on the board, you don't have to dedicate time or resource to playing them at cost.

    Using Time Ripple with trinket might be a better choice than Epiphany with trinket. I've been waffling back and forth. Time Ripple is basically conceptual Resource Destruction. You destroy actual resources with Demolition and then Time Ripple to make things cost more.

    Anyway, the rest of the deck is built either to survive or win. Hellshot Catapult and Inner Conflict cover most use cases for removal. Iljun's Parade with M. Ruby of Destruction is the win card. Lady Devonshire powers this deck, and Parade is just so strong as it gets copied. 4 cost for 4 damage and two 2/2 troops. From there it just gets too good. It also works really nicely with Hellshot Catapult as the 2/2 troops can be sac'd to add quick counters.

    Augmented Awakening is just a utility card to bring back either Lady Devonshire if needed, a late game Dream Eagle for a 6/6 flyer, or even an elephant making it a 4/4 that deals 4 damage when you play it. And since Augmented Awakening goes back in your deck and gets copied you can have great sustain if need be.

    So the thing is, Demolition when copied can really chew through resources, but most games are over before Demolition does much since Iljun's Parade is so effective at winning. I guess the best way to look at it is that Demolition helps delay your opponents 1-2 turns so you can be in position to have everything in place.

    It's not the best deck, it's fairly consistent, but it's cumbersome so it can be railroaded if the AI gets a quick start. If you're hoping for a viable PvP resource destruction deck, I think you'll have to wait for more cards to be made - although people generally don't find resource destruction fun so I dunno what might be in the works in the long run.

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    HINT: incanmatation of fury with equip does resource destruction
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    Thanks Elwinz, I'll take a look!

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    thunderfield elder
    cyclone shaman
    angel of foresight

    don't play any other actions, but maybe some are ok like scheme
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    Unfortunately, angel of foresight is one of the cards I still don't have yet.

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