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Thread: Hex Cosplay

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    Hex Cosplay

    So last weekend at the invitational we saw some fantastic cosplays including Myrym, Eternal Sage, Lixil, Mentor of the Grave, Jovial Pippit, Prince Talysen, Nerissa, Constantina and Briar Patch Conjurer. I'm kind of curious to see which cards/characters the community would like to see at future events. Even if it's totally implausible as a costume, which characters do you think would be cool to see as a cosplay?

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    Genesis Pool Naiad.

    End of list.
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    Cerulean sky mage
    Agent of M.O.L.E

    is a couple that comes to mind

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    I think Zoltog or Xocoy would be pretty sweet to see!

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    shin'hare and all the chaostouched

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    Honestly, Daughter of Stars or Yuka. Would be cool to see some legends
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    I'd be IMPRESSED to see anyone do the chaostouched, but that really isn't realistic. The characters with more elaborate costumes are usually the most fun to see, but that Jovial Pippit was damn impressive, so the less human characters would also probably be fun to see. Can't list any off the top of my head though really.

    If it were me, I'd probably end up doing an elf or something, which is a shame since I'd really like to do a necrotic. Unfortunately my proportions do not even come close to approaching those needed to play the majority of those options- I'm skinny as all get out, but um... well, we look at Lixil, Myrym, etc. and the problem is immediately evident. ^^;
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