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Thread: Duplicitous Duke and mistlord combo's

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    Duplicitous Duke and mistlord combo's

    What you guys think abouta Duplicitous Duke/Mistlord and Droo's Collosal walker combo? Or any DD/Ml combo with cretaures that have major orb of destruction?

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    I prefer Mistlord as it provides general utility and tricks. If you go PvE, you can dedicate your deck fully to Mistlord's weapon.
    Diamond offers many ways to grant steadfast to Droo's Collosal Walker so you don't rely on Mistlord only.

    Duplicitous Duke is more aggro-oriented. I usually add Azurefate Sorceress (major ruby of destruction) to the mix for 1-2 turns win. It results in a more straight through playstyle (boring to me).

    And now we have Adaptatron's equipments to power up our Walkers to infinity.

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    Don't even need steadfast on Droo if you can give it Lifedrain. Princess Victoria or Blood Aura.

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