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Thread: Need help- Devonshire as a dwarf mage

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    Need help- Devonshire as a dwarf mage

    Hey gang, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a good deck to use to beat Wiktor for a dwarf mage. The few I have built gets to him with little problems, but he roflstomps me with ease. I'm level 7, should I grind until 8 for the extra rares?

    I'm fairly low budget having missed most of set 2. I had a few packs of set 1 from squire tier, but didn't play much until set 3 release and bought mvp.

    I don't have Reese, no slaughtergear, and my standard war machinist build just doesn't cut it.

    How do you control all his minions while doing damage with only 16 life? Granted, the armor helps a ton, but his cards are crazy.

    I'm on my phone now, but I can update later with the decks I've tried, but generally I use red/blue with burns and crackling bolts to take out the snake then try to get my adaptatrons and Glens up and running, but by the time I can play them with some buffs, he has a crazy board and forces me to sacrifice them or flat out die.

    Any tips or Decks would be great (the budget deck sticky is lacking a dwarf mage and while the dwarf cleric is alright, mage doesn't have the same synergies or survivability)

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    Wiktor doesn't actually have all that many troops, so removal is pretty effective, maybe try add some heat wave ?

    It's a tough encounter at the best of times, especially if he plays first - some of his openers are just impossible to answer for most decks. ( turn 1 sweltering zombie, turn 2 power of ruby x2 + a bunch of troops ).

    At least as dwarf, you have one less problem than most decks - turn 1 elemental and rot-touch ghoul, you can safely remove the elemental and let the ghoul bounce off your armor.

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    Wiktor can actually have a surprising number of troops, given that he has multiple copies of Overwhelming Hunger (creates three Ravenous Zombies), has some small amount of graveyard recursion in the form of Bloated Zombies, and has combat tricks like giving some of his lethal creatures swiftstrike via Ruby Aura.

    The real secret to Wiktor is that his deck lacks single target creature removal (his only removal being in the form of Powers of Blood for the one-sided -1/-1) and also has zero flyers. His combat tricks are Ruby Auras, Blood Auras, and I think he might have another one in his decklist IIRC.

    As a Dwarf (as with everyone else), I find it best to be running as many Adaptatrons as possible, along with Cog of the Machine (Chest equipment) for them. Make sure that before casting your Adaptatron, you can overcome any potential safety hazards, such as the damage from the Spitfire Elemental. At the same time, make sure you don't get your Adaptatrons turned into Toxins.

    In Ruby, Burn+Gloves and Ruby Lance are the best way to kill off his creatures (Burn+Gloves because the Elemental and Mindpyre Revenants have 3 defense, and they are threats you want to be able to eliminate).

    In Sapphire, there isn't much to permanently handle the Elemental that isn't overly complicated, but Mesmerize works well on the rest of his creatures.

    Tip #1: Don't block Bloated Zombies if you can help it. Allowing Wiktor to recur 2 cards from his crypt (to include the possibility of recurring the same Bloated Zombie you killed) is typically more helpful to him than allowing yourself to recur 2 cards from your crypt.

    Tip #2: War Bot Bunkers. War Bot Bunkers help by giving you cards on your field that you can void with Dissolving Toxins, so that you don't have to eliminate anything of your own.

    Tip #3: Pterobots. This is your best creature to whittle away at Wiktor's own health while your Adaptatrons and Tricerobots with swiftstrike sit back as defenders. A pair of Sapphire Auras in the deck can help if you're not getting these.

    Tip #4: Abuse the fact that as a Mage, you have built in looting. You can discard Toxins that become overly burdensome. Having some other forms of card draw/looting will also be useful.

    Tip #5: Hellshot Catapult is an excellent sweeper for you in almost the entire dungeon. (Some of the fights do have Vandalizing effects, though).

    As a mage, you may want another lifedrain creature you can bring along in addition to the Adaptatrons+Chest. Just because of your low starting health. But this isn't absolutely necessary.

    Keep the War Machinists (and Bombsmiths, if you're otherwise light on removal) for the rest of the dungeon.

    P.S. I try to avoid running other small creatures, like Charge Bot, Reactor Bot, Construct Foreman during Wiktor, because he will often times just Blood Aura them away.

    I also don't like Glendower or Construction Plans, because they typically are too slow if I get them early. I waste a turn by having to play them, which is very rough against Wiktor.

    Cavern Guards are great low resource chump blockers that won't just immediately die to Power of Blood.
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    Morphology, burn, crackling bolt, fissure smith, purging flames as removal
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    There are few things that can't be solved by dwarf spam and Volcannon.

    Just make sure the dwarves are 2 defense in case he Power of Bloods.

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    Thanks everyone for the tips so far. Here's the deck I'm using. I haven't beaten him yet, but I've been grinding other characters for gold to fill in the missing pricier pieces so I've only attempted him once with this deck.!/deck=61182

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    Finally downed him!

    Added a recently purchased ingenious engineer and that made all the difference. It helped that I was able to get out an early Glendower which eventually grew into an 18/19 with life drain (thanks to adaptatron).

    It was a tough fight and there were a few times I was on the verge of losing, but he didn't play any power of blood and only 1 power of ruby.

    I'd like to thank you guys for the support and tips. Glendowwr MVP. Adaptatron for the huge assist. Fissuresmiths for the perfect kills and mimic to copy his second fire snake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abidar View Post
    Deck is private. Please check public so we can peek, if you don't mind

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    There you go. the only difference between this and the deck that finally won is that I switched a sub spy for an ingenious engineer.

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