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Thread: Draft deck trouble

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    Draft deck trouble

    So got this draft earlier today and actually had some trouble deciding what to include in my deck,
    so thought it could be interesting to see what others would have done

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    1x Starshield
    3x Spiritbound Spy
    1x Abominate
    1x Deathless Guardian
    2x Vampiric Kiss
    1x Grim Harvester
    1x Gemsoul Feeder
    1x Chimera Guard Falen
    1x Deadeye Slicer
    1x Neophyte Awakener
    1x Warlock of Aettir
    2x Ethereal Caller
    2x Shadowblade Assassin
    1x Merciless Culler
    1x Profane Ritualist
    3x Parriphagy

    Other merciless culler and spirit eagle in for anything that isn't spiders or aggro.
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    I would run the same list as Flairina except Pride's Fall instead of Starshield, mettle instead of the 2nd Shadowblade Assasin, and maybe Eagle instead of Gemsoul Feeder.

    The reason for the mettle is that you have 3 spies and 2 (enough) ethereal callers. Otherwise would not run it.

    Some people disagree with maindeck pride's fall but it is only poor in the R/D or monoR matchups and those are generally good matchups for you anyways, the tempo in all other matchups makes it well worth it. I would run it over the Culler which is also poor against Ruby aggro but doesn't give you selection vs ramp or spiders.

    Sideboard approach:
    Against aggro or flight: Mettle, 3rd kiss, Starshield and possibly Taint.
    Against ramp: Culler, 2nd Shadowblade
    Against spiders: Ambush, 2nd ritualist
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