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Thread: A Spidery Goodbye from Phenteo

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    All the best in your future roles, Phenteo, and thanks for all you've done for Hex and the community!

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    Can you also take Xarlox with you?

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    Phentoe rotating out of standard confirmed.

    Glad to hear you'll still be playing Hex.
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    special forum background for Phenteo, nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salverus View Post
    special forum background for Phenteo, nice

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    Thanks for everything, Phenteo. Hope you kick as much ass at your new job as you did at your old one.

    See you around Entrath!

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    Thank you, everyone, for the goodbye words!

    And thanks, Chark, for the forum takeover.

    P.S. Xarlox and I tried to be roommates, it didn't work out so you get to keep him!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chark View Post
    they have also made one for you

    Anyway thanks for being here Phenteo, always friendly and helpful. Good luck at your new job.

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    Best of luck at your new opportunity and thanks for that sweet sweet spoiler - shardless sac outlet? yes pls.
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    We'll miss you, Shawn!

    Good luck with the new opportunity!

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