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Thread: A Spidery Goodbye from Phenteo

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    A Spidery Goodbye from Phenteo

    Hey HEX Community,

    In my time at HEX, I never really thought I would have to write one of these. I am not a big fan of going away speeches but I wanted to leave a goodbye note to an amazing community that I had the honor of working with and being a part of. I felt this would be relevant to the situation:

    “Sometimes things in life happen unexpectedly, but whatever it is, take it as it comes or we will never know what it means to live.”

    I have learned a lot from the team and the community while working on HEX. Cory is an amazing leader and an inspiration. It was really hard for me to even tell him that I would be leaving for another opportunity.
    Now, I know my leaving is unexpected; I could’ve told you a month ago that I was absolutely staying put, but an opportunity presented itself that I couldn’t pass up. I can’t talk about where I am going just yet, but I hope to keep in contact with most of you at least! I am still deeply humbled by the talent and commitment of the team here at HEX and the passion of our community. HEX has come a long way!

    We recently celebrated the finals of our first large international tournament. This was a momentous step for not only HEX and our team, but for our awesome business partners at Gameforge who helped make this all possible. Even though we have completely different work schedules, we all do our part on the team to make HEX the best digital TCG.

    Lastly, HEX has an extremely bright future ahead of itself. Primal Dawn is awesome, from everything to the design down to the art. Our numbers at HEX have been steadily increasing and I expect HEX to become hugely successful very soon! Every day our community gets bigger and our Nobles are right there to welcome new community members and be a part of the lives of our community. Our streamers are very much ingrained in and leaders of our community; please make sure to watch their streams if nothing more than because they’re awesome. I won’t be leaving the community myself (I already spent several hundred dollars as a Kickstarter backer before I joined the team and my collection is too remarkable to let go) and will be around as a player! Well, and in spirit, as Phenteo will live on putting eggs into your decks! Spiders for everyone!

    And here’s a Primal Dawn spoiler!
    -Phenteo, Former Community Manager and Egg Giver
    Twitter: @CM_Phenteo | @HEXTCG

    "It's polite to say thank you when someone gives you a gift, human." -Phenteo

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    We love you and wish you the best in all of your spidery endeavors <3 =]

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    Best of luck in your new opportunity, and thanks for all your hard work.

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    Good luck!

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    Much be a heck of an opportunity to lure you away from what seems to us outsiders like an awesome place to work. Hope it all works well for you! Thanks for keeping it real in the forums and popping in to provide honest answers to community questions and just being helpful in general.

    I know you'll be missed in your official capacity, but it's good to know we may still run into you at on the other end of the table in PVP.

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    Best luck in your futur Phenteo, thx for the amazing work you did !!

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    You will be missed ;( I wish you all of the luck with whatever it is you will be doing, may Kismet be with you!

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    have a good one and i hope you make a personal account and we can see each other ingame
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    I barely knew ye. Hope to see you around I can definitely tell you are well respected here!

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