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    I hit Randomize all again and it did it again, check out the tile in the upper right. Just a suggestion and not trying to be rude: Have your Developer test this automatic scenario builder prior to releasing. It took me 2 seconds to find a problem. I'm a software developer too, so I know this is an important part of code release.

    P.S. S9 is in two different places on this map
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    I tried a third time and it looks like the original bug is still there. P9 is in the upper center and S9 is in the bottom right.


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    The problem was indeed fixed. It's a browser caching issue that is pulling up the old problem. We are fixing it so it no longer does that, but if you clear your cache the problem will resolve itself.
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    I can confirm that after clearing my cache the original problem is fixed. HOWEVER, the second problem I identified, which is that it is building maps with tiles that are inaccessible for a ghostbuster still remains. According to your PDF rules, each tile should have one space that is accessible from another tile. In this image, you will notice that the bottom row, middle and right tiles are inaccessible from any other adjacent tile.


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    Thanks for bringing this up.

    We're working on a version that will recognize inaccessible tiles. In the meantime, in the office, we hit the randomizer again until something shakes out :P

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    What about impossible missions like this one?
    Five open gates, no ghosts in spirit world and no place to deposit!
    Lost as soon as someone misses a gate or at the end of round 1!

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    Any word when the exclusive tiles will be added to the generator?

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    Also, is there a chance we could talk you guys into adding the spirit world tile into the generator in some fashion too? For those of us with extra spirit world tiles and might want to find a way to incorporate it into the game board somehow. I have ideas.......

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