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    Looking for some official clarifications!

    Hello! I just recently started playing the first game! I could not find a very comprehensive faq for some of the clarifications my group had during our first several games, I figured this would be a good place to look for some official answers!

    1. Some of the "boss ghosts" such as Samhain and Boogeyman do not have the restriction that prevents them from leaving the map. However, these ghosts are part of the win condition for their scenarios. So how does this work? Do they leave the map like normal ghosts and the scenario ends? Is it a success or failure? Or do ghosts that are contingent to the win condition always stay on the map and simply stop if they would otherwise leave?

    2. If you are standing on a closed gate space, and something causes it to open, what happens to the figure standing on it?

    Thank you for your help! I can't wait for the next set!
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    For 1, i havent played enough to face any boses. Sorry. For. 2, i would assume that ghostbuster would move to a random space adjacent to the portal. If you land on a ghostbuster or ghost, assume that ghostbuster ( who was standing on the portal) was "pushed" (see "pushed" clarifications in the rule book).

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    We have played both ways. After our first ten games or so, we'd had a Boss ghost leave the board, and we said that was just an automatic loss. We harrumphed about it a lot, trying to decide if they'd left the "can't leave" off the boss card, or "if the boss leaves you lose" off of the scenario card. We decided that it was much more likely that they wanted us to play an epic game about catching ghosts and closing gates, and that the bosses couldn't leave.

    On the second, I would roll a d8 and move the GB to the nearest legal square.

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