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Thread: Rose Knights Tomb

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    Rose Knights Tomb

    I'm playing a necrotic cleric and for whatever reason everytime I beat Sir Bryce I get to fight Sir Bryce again - fighting him for the 3rd time in a row now.

    After 5 tries I terminated HEX with ALT-F4 and after restarting and beating Sir Bryce a 6th time I was finally able to get past him.
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    Possibly related: I had the same thing happen against Gareth Kay in the first fight of the campaign for a human warrior, though I quit out of the campaign after the 2nd win and the campaign continued as normal after the 3rd win.

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    Confirming. Seems to be the first fight of Smoldering Dead dungeon doesn't register when you win it.

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    Our engineers are looking into it now. Thank you for the report!

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    Same here, i am in loop against Sir Bryce

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    Yeah loop against sir bryce once i did get free from the loop after 5 times winning.

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    When you re-loop into the fight, ESC. and concede at anytime this should end the loop and advance your progress.

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