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Thread: Hex in Millennium Blades?

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    Hex in Millennium Blades?

    I kickstarted Millennium Blades boardgame on Kickstarter.
    I was looking at the rulebook and saw at page 19 a logo that look like the HEX logo but called VEX
    I wonder if someone at Crypto/Hexent backed Millennium Blades at a higher tier (or someone of the community)?

    You can download the rulebook at

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    Well...Cory did recommend people KS Millenium Blades...along with Bard's Tale IV, and Epic Manager. So I'd be surprised if there wasn't high tier Hexers.

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    I wonder which iconic cards will appear in the VEX set... maybe a princess Cory?

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    To be specific, it says Vex: Cards of Hate. So yeah.

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    Sounds like it could be the fabled Princess Cory set.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cory_Jones View Post
    I am actually the sole 1500.00 backer of this game
    I was thinking about forcing them to make a princess Cory set...

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    I backed Millennium Blades at a vanity art level and have to say that I had an absolute blast working on my card art with Fabio Fontes. I'm really looking forward to that game!

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