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Thread: Constant Crashes in Arena - After winning or losing (Victory/Defeat Screen)

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    Constant Crashes in Arena - After winning or losing (Victory/Defeat Screen)

    I upgraded to Windows 10 about 3-4 weeks ago. In about the same time-span I've noticed that HEX will crash at least once per a 15 encounter Arena Run on the Victory Screen. This is getting to be increasingly frustrating, especially when I crash 2-3 times or more during a run.

    Trying to make this issue more transparent, so that it is addressed and resolved.
    Let me know if you need logs or anything from me.

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    I think the Windows 10 is not the favorite of the devs, i remember when the W10 was new, some orange commented that the best solution is to uninstall the windows 10 (it was some windows 10 overlay function covers the hex, or something). Even now, if i check the system requirements \ recommended setup on the Gameforge, the windows 10 is not on the list.

    But we can't stop the windows 10 spread, Microsoft push it on every possible way, and most of the home users upgraded already, or will do very soon, so please, make the HEX client W10 compatible.

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    I am using Win7 on both a laptop and desktop; this Victory crash happens on both. It happened enough I stopped running arena about 3 weeks ago

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    It's been a huge, constant problem for several weeks. I can't actually do an arena run without it crashing at least once, with it commonly crashing 3-4 times. I've seen people talking about it in chat off and on, but nothing from Hex about it. It is very, very frustrating.

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    Same problem

    I get same random crashes on Win 8. It is not platform specific. Crashes about once per run in mid-battle and about 3 times per run at the end of the fights. Also crashes in campaign during and after some fights ever since last patch. Was not crashing like this prior to the last patch.

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    I use Windows 10 and after uninstalling the junk software that my video card drivers are packaged with (Radeon), there hasn't been a single crash or freeze. Been a few days now. This includes any software that are not the actual video card drivers- so no overclocking tools either.

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    Win 8.1 I get the same, ever since pve patch.

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    There is at least two different type of crashes. One of the Unity type of crash, which generate a crash-log folder under your HEX directory, and it's seems independent of OS, is most likely happens because not enough memory.

    The other crash type is which comes with ntdll.dll error, and everyone who reported it (at least here, on this forums), reported from Windows 10, except one, who reported from Windows 8.1 @ Macbook.

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    Same kind of crashes here on Windows 10 as well. At least the random disconnects seem to have stopped since last patch.
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    Win 7 it also happens
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