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Thread: The Chosen - a Competitive PvP Team!

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    The Chosen - a Competitive PvP Team!

    The Chosen is recruiting!
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    About Us:

    The Chosen is a small competitive PvP focused team who have a solid history dating back to the season 1 Sapphire Cup. We came together off a thread over on Reddit started by Slice looking for like-minded players to test with. We shared ideas and tested for a couple weeks and through our playtesting had determined MonoS w/ the addition of Ancestors' Chosen was the best deck in the format. Two of our members at the time, Koma and Dameneon ended up making the finals of the event, with Dameneon ultimately taking home the victory. We decided to make it a permanent thing, and thus The Chosen was born.

    The majority of the team has remained intact since and we're looking to take it to the next level. We're all experience TCG players who share of a love for the genre. Our goal is to be a mainstay in the competitive tournament scene going forward. What we offer is a friendly environment represented both in NA and EU with deck ideas, playtesting, and communication.

    We're currently transitioning from being a skype group to Discord. I like the organization Discord provides by being able to set up various text channels for our needs while also having voice capabilities all in the same nice package.

    Current roster by region: (3/23/16)



    Koma has recently left, but remains as a social member and good friend. We were extremely happy to see him take down the 100k, and shared in his excitement and nerves the entire event.

    Recruitment status: LIMITED

    We're looking to add another 6-8 members to round out the team for this upcoming set 4 meta, deck designers being a huge plus. We want to have everyone in place and ready to dive head first with ideas and testing. There's no crazy application process or games you have to play. Some small requirements include:

    - Friendly and drama free, we enjoy a laid back environment.
    - Active PvP players, we expect our members to be able to playtest and offer ideas, suggestions. Help tune decks.
    - With that comes the ability to build decks, so being able to keep up collection wise in the competitive scene is important.
    - Tournament participation
    - Ability to communicate via Discord (or skype if we go back to that).

    If The Chosen sounds like something you'd be interested in being apart of, feel free to contact me via PM here or in game. Will exchange some info and make sure we're a fit for each other. PM would probably be best for quick response as I'm constantly on my phone at work and can respond to any inquiries throughout the day. Feel free to contact the other members as well.
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    Would like to welcome our newest member, one of the original hextechs crew and OG streamer... Mythicfishmom. MFM is another brewer that'll bring great ideas to the team to go along with his technical skill.

    And Angmar! made it to the finals of two IQs, 1 constructed, 1 limited. All around great player and a great addition.

    Your friendly neighborhood @HexTCGWatch -man, Incindium has decided to join a PvP team and has landed in The Chosen. Welcome aboard!

    If you've been grinding the gauntlet lately, at some point you've probably been AzureCannon'd by our latest addition. Welcome to the team Lulouch!

    The two latest are new to the Hex competitive scene, but bring lots of past TCGs experience and accomplishments. Glad to add both Zurai and Skyspeaker to the team.

    Thanks everyone so far for your interest in the team.

    UPDATE: Moving recruitment status to Limited.

    There's been a lot of interest so far this week and we've made some great additions, we have room for 2-3 more with a preference towards the EU region or players who are available during EU primetime most days. Though all interested will be considered. Thanks.
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