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    Suggestion: Non-Competitive, Free, No-Prize Constructed Queues

    I see HEX as a game of 4 parts. PVE, competitive PVP, CASUAL PVP, and trading / collecting. Competitive PVP has been solid for a long time now, thanks to awesome drafts, gauntlets, and scheduled events (less big now than in IQ season). PVE has legs to stand on now that AZ 1 is out. While I'd like better peer-to-peer trading options, we have a working auction house and can mail cards / currency.

    But where is the support for non-tournament PVP play?

    This is one of my few complaints with HEX. Sometimes I want to play PVP without anything at stake. No entry fees, no chasing more packs. Just a laid-back, kitchen table / card shop feeling of sitting down and having a game. Right now, that can only be done by hitting "Play Random Opponent" and hoping you run into someone cool, or seeking out games from friends / game chat.

    Suggestion: Non-Competitive Tournament Queues (I propose it as a tournament queue as that seems the least time-consuming way to implement it. Longer term, it would be nice if it had its own space, like what Proving Grounds once were)

    These queues would have no entry fee, and no prizes, so there is no impact on the economy.
    Once the ladder system is active, this could also be a refuge for people wanting to play w/o a ladder impact.
    Unlimited Player count - Needs just 4 players to run (unless the min 8 is hard-wired into the tournament system and too difficult to change)
    Format - Swiss Constructed
    Rounds: 3 (The intent is to give everyone several opponents, not take forever or establish a clear "winner" / top 8.)
    The queue fires every hour, on the hour.
    FUTURE GOAL - Down the line, these tournaments would have their own chat lobby for group conversation during and between rounds.

    I see posts on these forums about how to bridge the F2P crowd from campaign into PVP. Well, here's a way. It's a fun, no-risk space to test out decks and play folks before throwing down plat in paid events for prizes. (Not everyone has a guild / playtesting group)

    This is a more social experience than the head-to-head queue, which is 1-and-done matches. Creates opportunity for "Man, my opponent the last round played a really cool X" conversations.

    I would stream Hex a lot more if this existed. I enjoy PVE, but don't find it as interesting to stream. I'm happy to pay to enter tournaments (believe me, with what I've invested in this game from KS and since, I'm happy to part with cash), but it would be nice to have a structured format to play folks with the cards I've already purchased and not need another plat investment, since it's all for the fun of the game, and not prizes.

    Right now, the weekly Five Shards tournaments are my only outlet for this, since they're free and I know a lot of people will show. However, they also tend more competitive, so some people may not show up with decks built for fun / thematics over raw power.


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    For casual non-tournament play, you can literally ask anyone for a challenge in general chat or whispers and then Challenge them with a right-click. No need to use the play random opponent button.

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    I dont think it would have enough audinece , why bother?
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    surely the people using this are the same ones using play random opponent so im not sure what it adds, it just locks you into waiting if you finish your match faster than the other match.
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    If I've understood you correctly, ThrawnOmega, I share what I take to be the sentiment behind your post. There is no space at the moment for 'the kind of serious but free' PvP experience in Hex since the 'Play Random Opponent' is, well, too random. Going up with a tier 1 deck against someone who has just started out is fun for neither player.

    I am not sure, however, whether a tournament is the kind of structure that is needed. I think there might be all kinds of problems with people dropping since there are no penalties (no loss of plat etc.) which might, as Malicus points out, create unnecessary wait times and such stuff.

    At the moment there is the 'Head to Head' option in the client. You pay a fee there but you can be more or less guaranteed to play against someone who is willing to win. Could it be an option to have a free version of that?

    That would provide at least some structure which is not totally random so that you at least know that you're going to play against someone who also has a desire to play proper constucted. Anyway, that was just my intuitive reaction to the OP. I might be totally wrong here, that's for sure.

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    I definitely feel your pain here, but I don't know that a format that does not produce packs is a good idea at the moment. Hex does not have a huge player base. Splitting people up into additional queues would make all queues fire slower, and a queue which does not produce packs / cost plat would effectively limit the card supply by a fraction, driving up prices.

    Technically, there is already a resource for playing someone non-randomly in a bo3 in the head to head queue (at least, as far as I remember) The catch is that you have to know someone

    I think a better idea would be the following:
    Include a format where you aren't playing completely randomly. Click a button "searching for opponent" but allow for some text to be added to specify what type of game you are looking for. "Testing for T1 constructed Metagame", "Testing tier fun deck", "Testing a new idea for PvP" could all be options. That way, when someone accepts your challenge, they can choose a deck accordingly. Sure, there will
    Be the jerks who stomp your Shin'Hare deck with a BR monstrosity running 16x mass removal, but the hope is that those kind of people don't last long in Hex anyways.

    At any rate, TLDR:
    I think your ideas have some merit, but I don't know that they are tier 1 concerns at the moment for Hex. I would hope that HexEnt would look into this sort of thing when the player base is big enough to support it.

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    The problem is the lack of ability to match deck expectations in the casual environment i.e. a good kitchen table experience. Matching Rock Deck player with Rock Deck Player. Matching Competitive Tester with Competitive Tester. With Proving Grounds and the free tournament the OP describes is that players will have wildly different decks going in and be disappointed when tier 1 meets starter. If players could make their own tables with a name than there is a significantly better chance that people joining the "Highlander Jankbot" table will have similar expectations.

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    Yeah, something where you just create ad hoc "tables" and name them what you want could work well. The true kitchen table sandbox may just be a pipe dream, though.

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    I would wish to see drafts comp and swiss as it is now but without any prizes and no need to pay anything to enter. Just for fun. That shouldnt be hard to implement couse everything remain the same except you dont keep packs and you dont have to pay anything to join those fun matches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawke View Post
    I would wish to see drafts comp and swiss as it is now but without any prizes and no need to pay anything to enter. Just for fun. That shouldnt be hard to implement couse everything remain the same except you dont keep packs and you dont have to pay anything to join those fun matches.
    Give away their primary revenue stream for free?

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