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Thread: Frost Arena - Deck Tierlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hekarti View Post
    If I did the mountain god deck I'd probably ditch Gort for Adaptatrons, Throat Cutter feels like it'd be super useful for ending stalemates or getting around huge boards. If they are low enough health anyway.
    Looks like Madar added a note for the swap, but I'd probably lean more towards gort. He combos a bit better with the deck, and can win games alone if you get them to 10 and blood aura him. Immune to boardwipes. Adaptatron also slows down decks, because you need to save resources for him, and use some resources with him as combat tricks. Really good card though, and good cheap budget replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicosharp View Post
    Looks like Madar added a note for the swap
    Yea, it's all your fault (j/k), because you say in the topic:

    yeah, I was thinking Gozzog for this as well and Dream Eagle is a fine replacement for the gloves slot.
    -4 Shamed
    -4 Crackling Rot
    -4 something (could do a mix of

    +4 Dream Eagle (Gloves)
    +4 Hunger (Chest for Crush if you think you need it)
    +4 Adapt
    so the third -4 is a mix of.... something ... so i improvised, based on ev1lbob deck (next post). Ofc feel free to edit the comment Nico, or edit the deck itself as is the best
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    Had to throw out both secondary dream deck submissions, Kmann's is still good(will need to swap out turtle). Praying to the Mountain God needs to have dream eagles removed. Replace with w/e. Edit shard base by one on terrormill to 10S, 8B, 4dual.
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    Dream Eagle now requires double sapphire . . .

    That kills a lot of combo decks, but probably for the best

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    What a lame nerf. WTF is it with TCG/CCG's these days and their war on anything that isn't turning creatures sideways? If Arcane Focus dug three deep I'd be fine with the Eagle nerf, but this game has no good filtering/search tools. I dunno, Dream Eagle gave me a lot of hope for future design decisions, I'm so bummed right now.

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    It was broken. . .

    You could use it arguably in any deck that wasn't using gloves and turn it into a 56 card deck that felt like 52

    Warrior has an ability that thins the deck by another 5 cards. . . you could see where this was going

    We still have Pact of Pain, but it takes a different equipment slot

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    I don't think it was broken, I think it was the only option.

    While I wouldn't care if they simply killed the Dream Deck (it's a boring deck anyway imo), they could have just changed Enter the Dream to do it. I don't get why let's say, mono-ruby sligh/RDW or affinity are totally okay when they can consistently win T3-T5 but it's not okay to play a far more involved combo that wins by T3-T5. Or control that needs to dig for answers/threats.

    Combo decks simply don't work if you can't assemble the pieces quickly enough. They're just not resilient and can't survive until turn 8 or 9. And control can't keep pace if you can't find answers. So control ends up looking like midrange or and combo has to be aggro-combo.

    I mean look at this:

    Mono-Ruby Slaughtergears' - Aggro
    Armies of Moth - Aggro

    Xentoth's Lab - Midrange w/control lean
    Dream a Little Dream - Combo, now defunct
    Blue Slaughter - Aggro
    Dwarf/Robot Affinity - Aggro

    Terrormill - Control Combo, now far less consistent and slower, may not even qualify to be in this thread anymore.
    Keeping it Regular - Aggro
    Leeching Blood - Aggro
    Mono Ruby Orc Affinity- Aggro
    Sly Huntress - Aggro Combo
    Monowild Dinos - Aggro

    Maggot Storm - Combo, possibly trash now, will have to test.
    Wild Arena - Aggro
    Praying to the Mountain God - Aggro
    Colin's Brood! - Aggro
    Archmage - Midrange w/aggro lean
    Red Ruby Rebels - Aggro

    Hammering on the Walls - Midrange w/control lean
    Zomboni - Midrange

    12 out of 19 decks are aggro based.
    4 out of 19 are midrange (with one leaning towards aggro)
    3 out of 19 are combo (with one being Control Combo)
    0 out of 19 are pure control

    That was WITH Dream Eagles + gloves. All 3 combo decks might no longer qualify to even be in this thread, aka - can't clear arena consistently.

    Maybe this bothers me more than it does others because I hate playing aggro, but the game is heavily skewed towards aggro. Thankfully the campaign has offered a place where I can actually play control and have fun, but now I'll have to double check the viability of my deck without Dream Eagles. It's just so tiresome to see aggro effortlessly glide through everything and no one bats an eye. Dream Deck shows up and it's immediately a problem. And no, the AI doesn't have a chance to interact against most of these aggro decks. They're too fast and too strong, that's why they're on the list. Because you can get T3-T5 wins easily, quickly, and consistently.
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    It bothers me too. But not much we can do. I think decks that can be played quickly should not benefit more than decks that have a lot of interactions, but win around the same turn if not earlier. PvE balance should not hinge on the power-level of individual cards alone. Part of the reason why this thread exists and is looking at time as a benchmark is to address why, in PvE, good equipment for higher costed cards should ultimately allow them to be played earlier, so that they become viable in PvE. We see that with a lot of new cards now, but cost reduction for PvE and utility cards provide are the highest factors when trying to design a fun yet efficient deck for all purposes.

    The Dream Eagle nerf was big, but the sad nerf of the entire deck makes it so not all pieces can be realistically played together. At least, not in a way it was originally intended to be played together.
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    I still consider Morphology to be the stronger card at the glove slot unless your deck is actually comboing Dream Eagle further with something like Spirit Dance. . .

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    A couple of updated Mountain god decks:!/deck=64260 - Mine, I like Shamed & Adaptatron as supplemental troops. Adaptatron obviously a strong card AI doesn't handle well, plus great for warbot. Also keeps cost down instead of jamming VKs or something in.!/deck=64240 - Someone else posted at about same time as much. Bunoshi version.

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