I think that for next year it'd be interesting if it was for the Invitational players (assuming it's 12) to be

Sealed for the first day with a cut to 8 (or better yet 16 if the number's more) also preferably with a new yet to see Set and/or PvE equipment.

For the 2nd day Draft with a cut to 8 (in case there are more people for the invitational)
Then after the draft...also with a new yet to see set and/or PvE equipment

THEN the really interesting part of Constructed with seeds (based on how you done total from day 1) also where you get to USE the cards you got from sealed and draft along with the cards from the current sets...no PvE equipment...unless it's not from a new set then definitely PvE equipment.

That way it uses all 3 formats in a way that keeps people gripped at the edges of their seats and with a likely pretty diverse and unpredictable "meta" for the Constructed part...