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Thread: Hoping for Set 4 before [insert month here]

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    Let's just hope their Set 4 announcement isn't anything like their Set 3 one. Means they haven't improved at all then which would be really sad at this point.

    Sidenote: VIP this month is sealed and April will be the last chance for croc/minion AA.

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    What is the point of this thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valnir View Post
    What is the point of this thread?
    waiting set 4 ?

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    I don't think its been announced that this is last croco/minion AAs event.

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    I'm pretty sure there are two months of croc/minion left.

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    Yes, one sealed week-end and one construct week-end

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    What are the chances we get a release date tomorrow? I really hope HXE is ahead of the ball on this set 4 release and are scheduling at their leisure. Mainly because I feel they've done enough ground work that set release should no longer harass them.
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    Best you can hope for is the date being announced tomorrow for probably Tuesday. Seems unlikely.

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    Pretty sure they said beginning of April at the 100k. Hoping for a announcement tomorrow for April 5th.

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