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    Proton Slinger + Slimer Xpac + Vigo Variant ... mmm

    Was hoping to have been able to buy the Taxi Drivers and Impossible Mode minis separately, as they were KS exclusives. /shrug.

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    I'm pretty excited to see one of my favorite ghosts in this game, The Grundel, as well as the XGB!! I'm curious what they'll do with them for powers. Didn't CZE have to acquire rights to use them?

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    Anybody else noticed that this time around they didn't use any "Kickstarter Exclusive" stickers, but instead "CZE Exclusive!" stickers?
    Does that mean the stuff will be available in the shop on Cryptozoics website?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyknight View Post
    Anybody else noticed that this time around they didn't use any "Kickstarter Exclusive" stickers, but instead "CZE Exclusive!" stickers?
    Does that mean the stuff will be available in the shop on Cryptozoics website?
    According to the FAQ on the kickstarter:
    What does CZE exclusive mean?
    CZE Exclusive means that there will be a limited print run of these items. They will never be available at retail, but we may offer them for sale on the Cryptozoic eStore, at conventions, or in future Kickstarter campaigns. Once the print run runs out, they will not be re-printed in this form again.

    This does not apply to previous campaigns.
    So yeah. It's like pseudo kickstarter exclusive. I guess not knowing what the print run is is the incentive to buy this stuff now via the kickstarter if you have the money for it, rather than wait for them to pop up somewhere.

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    Ok, thank you, didn't find that information on KS. But since neither the Louis nor the Slimer expansion has this sticker, does that mean, those will be available at retail?

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    Yes, they said it will be. They will be 30 bucks each.

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    I'm hoping that Dana and Oscar will turn up in a Stretch Goal. Dana Barrett was a much more important character to the franchise than Louis Tulley was, and Oscar provided the majority of the motivation in GBII. I realize Dana was never a Ghostbuster, and the game doesn't exactly have an abundance of NPCs that aren't foes, but it's hard to imagine a game based on the second movie without including at least Dana (if not Oscar) in some capacity.

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    I'm hoping they consider an XP tracking dial for the characters as a possible stretch goal or exclusive. I don't like the tabs, they're rough on the cards and are easily knocked out of place when storing. I ended up just using pen and paper to track it, but i'd love to see some card board dials as a fancy alternative.

    Something like this in cardstock, maybe some fancy art or maybe just generic with a color to differentiate. I think it'd be a nice addition.

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    Paranormal tiles and scenarios

    Quote Originally Posted by sara.miguel View Post
    Mass Hysteria will not be offered again. You will likely find some previous stretch goal items, but the items in the Mass Hysteria box AND the Mass Hysteria special edition box will not be offered again.
    So, this definitely explains why there isnt any content from the MH pledge in the throwback add-on, but is there really no chance of getting the tiles and scenarios from the Paranormal pledge? I know I'd definitely pay extra to get those, and I imagine more people would be interested in getting the models if they could get the accompanying tiles and scenarios.

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    I'm a bit disappointed that again, you made playable characters exclusives! Like I explained before, such a thing does work on a game like Zombicide, where you have 6+ different characters per (retail)basegame and 4 completely different ones per (retail)expansion and all the exclusives are just guys from different movies or tv shows.

    But it doesn't work for Ghostbusters!
    Like it looks now, all none kickstarter people(even if they buy every add on that hits retail) will just end up with 4 variations of the same 4 original Ghostbusters(and maybe the occasional Louis Tully and/or Slimer)!

    That's bad! People like to have a few more choices, that they won't get, if you make everything exclusive again!
    In the first campaign you made the "New Ghostbusters" team exclusive! Now you do the same thing with the "Extreme Ghostbusters" team! Both of those could've been their own expansion! Each of them could've made 30-40 USD per sold piece in retail! Ghostpacks/Bosspacks could've been the same!

    It looks like you've learned nothing at all, repeating the same steps and mistakes you did before, cutting down the longevity of the game and making the retail version fail as bad as the last one!

    Also, isn't a "Slimeblower Slimer" kind of redundant? I mean, he's Slimer after all. He could slime without that thing!
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