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Thread: Gameforge Jank Bot League

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jugg View Post
    I absolutely completely disagree with your first sentence, but I don't want to drag this thread down, so I'll just say: I also don't have jankbots :P

    If it is even half as much fun as the rockleague, I'm sure the participants will have a great time.
    i hated it last time i did it but its just not my cup of tea with all that rng and power packed into one card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saeijou View Post
    i don't understand why we don't have ONE forum... that split is stupid
    As far as I am aware, they have looked into merging or replacing the forums on at least one occasion. Logistically it is a headache and it probably keeps taking a backseat to game development.

    Ganeforge maintains the international multilingual side, as the Cryptozoic forums here simply cannot cater to non-English speakers right now.
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    It will not let me into the post when I am logged in on that site. Says I do not have permission to view the message.
    Can I say I am in in this forum?

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    You will need to log into the game forge forums in order to post and confirm match results to participate.
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    I have, and can get into the Results thread just fine, it is the initial thread that doesn't like me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McCloud68 View Post
    I have, and can get into the Results thread just fine, it is the initial thread that doesn't like me.
    i had the same issue, just post your ign in the results forum and explain it. btw, the league is in its final week
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    Ditto with that issue. It was only happening in Chrome, though. I got it to allow me to post using MS Edge.

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