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Thread: Temporary solution to speed up HEX on slow machines!!!

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    Temporary solution to speed up HEX on slow machines!!!

    A huge thanks to xNDaniel on the TCG reddit!

    Until HXE solves the problem of slow game play on lower performance machines, here is a temporary solution to fix the playmat problems and allow you to get to play that sweet sweet Campaign.

    Warning: This involves deleting some files and will cause playmats to be missing.

    This was copied from the reddit:

    Inside your Hex folder installation look for AssetBundles/PVE/gameboards. Then delete (better to cut and paste to a backup folder) every .ab file such as canyondesert.ab, castleexterior.ab, coastline.ab, etc. (you see how the name correspond to an specific playmat) including common.ab and default.ab (I suppose default.ab is the standard gray playmat, I don't know about common.ab though)
    If you don't want to delete them all, just look for castleexterior.ab. That's the one with the little fire torch animation that makes the game insanely slow on laptops.

    I have played it several times since modifying it and it works like a champ.

    No void though not that it is to problematic.

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    Cool ,thanks, this works. (pve folder did not contain any .ab files, gameboards folder has 7)
    Now I only need a way to delete the campaign overview map too and only show the nodes on a black background and we can play again

    [Sorry Tyler ]
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    sounds nice, i will try it once i'M at home
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    Wow! Thank you very much. I'll try it soon.

    upd: works smoothly
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    Thanks for this! Hex runs fine on my laptop, but with the playmats off it's speedy. Awesome.

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    This is amazing. Thanks for the suggestion! Hex devs take note, some people prefer function over form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GobBluth View Post
    This is amazing. Thanks for the suggestion! Hex devs take note, some people prefer function over form.
    If a lot of people end up doing this, surely it'd be good for a temp official checkbox in the game, e.g. to only use the PvP mat (as has been suggested before.)

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    Uh, it's became very fast, ty for the tip! But... it looks awful... i wish there would be a middle way, like a non-animated background, just a wallpaper...
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    my slow work pc still crashes when trying to start any pvp game even vs. AI
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