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Thread: rule question (bug?); gift of yazukan

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    rule question (bug?); gift of yazukan

    I also just asked in chat, but if you play the gift of yazukan, you can not bring a troop from your crypt that you just sacrificed as a cost to play the card. I am not sure if this is a bug or intentional, since the card states that you sacrifice first as part of the cards cost.
    Scenario was a wretched brood with a lot of battle hoppers and a 1/1 disciple of yazukan. Thus sacrificing it and bringing it back the same turn as a 4/4 with lifedrain and speed would be good, but I was only be able to select the battle hoppers that were already in my crypt.

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    This is because targets for a card or power are chosen before costs are paid. The Disciple of Yazukan in your scenario is not a valid target prior to paying costs.

    Otherwise it would be possible to pay costs for a card such as Abominate, and then have no valid target for it.

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