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Thread: Tetzot Jankbot

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    Tetzot Jankbot

    Lately I've been tired off the meta so I've been tinkering around and have been trying to make a Jankbot deck that is pretty good at pumping out naturally I've been thinking, "Why not go Tetzot." After Azure Cannon not going well I give you...

    Jankbot Feast

    4 Shrine of Prospertity
    3 Angel of Dawn (You'd be surprised how often they still come out even in Jankbot)
    4 Living Totem
    4 Soul Marble
    4 Gore Feast
    1 Eternal Drifter
    4 Jankbot
    4 Talisman of Vitae

    Resources: 122

    53 Diamond Shards
    57 Ruby Shards
    4 Crackling Vortex
    4 Shard of Conquest
    4 Starsphere

    Pretty much the main concept of the deck is to aggressively go for Jank Bot if you don't get it in your starting hand by milling. It might sound crazy, but keep in mind there is 32 MORE resources than normal so with the deck being 81% resources it's still not uncommon to win even if you mulligan to 2-3 cards to get that Jankbot. Out of the 15 fights I've tested it only one time did I not get a jankbot from mulliganning aggressively...and I even won a match where I mulliganed to 1 and kept my one card of jankbot Of course though if you have a pretty good hand of 5 cards including soul marble and/or prosperity then you may as well not go for Jankbot.

    Thoughts and opinions? I already have a play set of Army of Myth in the reserves since it's a useful drain for diamond/ruby....I also considered Plan: C for the reserves, but currently have it out of them.
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    With Jankbot essentially getting mostly resources with his ability, why not more cards that actually milk resources for all they're worth? With Jankbot needing to actually attack to get his skill off, wouldn't something like Flamehand Invoker go well with your resource ramp? Heck, why not Underground Overdriver? As soon as it hits play from Jankbot's ability or casting it out of hand, it buffs Jankbot to be bigger than a Megahulk.

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    Okay some more deck stats after doing 100 test draws complete with mulligans until I'd get a jankbot.

    57 Gave a Jankbot
    43 Didn't give a Jankbot.

    Out of 100 test draws complete with mulligans

    75 Gave a jankbot And/Or a Shrine of Prosperity (or substitute any other 4 of some copy of for stats)
    25 Gave neither
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    Trying a build with Wild instead of Diamond, Bellow of Briggadon + Tetzot is pretty nice. Genesis Pool Naiad, Wild Root Dancer also pretty good. Oh and almost forgot Pact of Life!

    Eternal Sage is really strong with Jank Bot imo. Esp with Wild/Ruby. 3 ruby = 3 damage to opposing board, 3 wild = +9/+9 during the attack phase.
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