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Thread: Branding on in game sleeves.

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    Branding on in game sleeves.

    We can't take the sleeves outside of the game and use them on physical products, we can't see the sleeves anywhere other than in the client. No one is going to go, hmmm what game am i playing again? thank goodness those sleeves on my deck have the name of the game that I have open. Can we please experiment with no logo sleeves, or at least much much smaller logo's? The art on them is so good, I don't see why they need to have a watermark on them.

    Is there something I'm missing about this?
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    [edit] I feel like adding, that while this issue will never cause me to leave the game or anything... I hate having the logo eat up 40-50% of a sleeve. Even the transparent logo (Which was a HUGE upgrade) is frustrating to look at. Something about it gets under my skin. The VIP sleeves have the closest thing to something I'd consider acceptable. If the transparent hex logo was in the bottom left 10% of the sleeve maybe that'd be less irritable, but honestly I just don't see any reason to have them on the sleeves at all.

    We're not gonna go sleeve up other games, the name of the game is on the top of the client window already.

    Let our sleeves look pretty, please? :'(
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    This thread prompted me to actually look at the sleeves. Yikes.

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    OMG yes... Thanks Gwaer. I mentioned this somewhere else once, but didn't make a thread, but it's frustrating to the point it needs its own thread.

    We don't need HEX logos, just make the damn things fun, and I want to have cycling sleeves that cause epilepsy

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    Agreed, always thought it was weird to have the HEX logo on the sleeves.

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    Thank you for bringing this up. It's seriously irritating on a lot of them, +1 for this cause.
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    Especially for the chest-reward (Primal chest) sleeves, where the massive logo, goofy key icon, and overpowering "background color" wash (esp. Set 2 sleeves) reduce the actual artwork to little more than an afterthought lost amongst the noise.
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    for streamers?! totally agree with you guys!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saeijou View Post
    for streamers?! totally agree with you guys!
    I have always assumed this was indeed the reason. while good streamers always make it clear they are playing Hex not everyone is a good streamer. This way whenever a screen shot is taken or a video is recorded it is clear what game it is.

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