Howdy Hexers!

We love to celebrate here in the Hex community. Pentachills and Dinotropia both hit over 1000 followers. Colin’s pay it forward giveaway was super sweet. Hexapolooza by Alucard is an event every month worth dropping by for. Streamers and community titans in Hex understand that we would not be where we are without loyal viewers and awesome friends. The time I have spent streaming on twitch has been challenging and rewarding more than I imagined. It is time to give a bit back to folks this weekend. Just recently my channel has hit the 500 follower mark and I think it is time to celebrate! VIP weekend, before the start of set 4 on a Five Shards monthly invitational weekend there is so much going on why not add just one more thing?!?
From Noon to 4ish PM Central Time (1PM EST or 10AM Pacific) Saturday 3/26/2016 the stream will go live and we will start giving away cool stuff! Rares, Dust, Mercs, Legendaries, AA’s, packs and more will be up for grabs. As we get more folks in the party I will add to the pile of giveaways. If we shatter my expectations I have some special giveaways too!
On top of all that we will have an awesome guest Celendine joining the stream to debut the final part of his Workerbot Spoiler reveal!


So Mokog you are promising free stuff if we come watch? Yes if you are lucky! We will use several styles of giveaway using the channel currency as well as good ol’ regular raffles. The point of tomorrow’s stream is to give back to new and loyal viewers until I run out of time, stuff to give out or breath to speak.
I hope to see all yall in stream tomorrow! Good luck on your VIPs and lets giveaway some sweet stuff!