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Thread: Start time listing rant

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    While it is resaonable, googling timezones shouldnt be a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elwinz View Post
    While it is resaonable, googling timezones shouldnt be a problem.
    With all due respect, I don't know why people have this argument. There is no reason, at all, that VIP announcement shouldn't have popular timezones beyond the rather specific PST slice on the announcement page like they once were. Why put the work on the player? All it does is start a thread like this and make an unneeded percent of the population salty.

    As others have noted, there are reasons why googling time zones on the run or juggling life is an added layer of complexity that can further scramble the rather precarious timing of a VIP tournament. Just put up PST/EST/GMT like they once did - it's a standard listing trio for world-wide timing.

    Personally my memory has and always will be horrid/terrible/laughable, so I know I have missed a VIP tournament as I tried to do the math in my head, or googled the difference while on the run and forgot the original PST time on my phone by the time I googled it and put in the wrong hour. I've done this a few times because I am an idiot in this regard. I didn't fall into that error when they started listing multiple time zones.
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    Bring Phenteo back.Tell him all the terrorantulas miss him.

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    Well given that I was the person that suggested using world clock links in the first place, clearly the issue is people not heeding my royal decrees. To the tower with them!

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