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Thread: Mono Green Stompy

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    Mono Green Stompy

    So, if you think the title sounds familiar, then you're probably a MTG player, in which case the general idea of this deck will be quite familiar. I'm new to this game, but having played other similar games, like MTG, Ederon, and Spellweaver, resource-based card combat games are a thing I'm pretty used to, and so, once I'd cracked more than a few packs, I got to work building an archtype I'm very familiar with and can usually pilot reasonably well, due to its simplicity in build path and play-style, regardless of the game I'm playing. So, without further adieu...

    Mono-Wild/Mono-Green Stompy
    22 Wild Shard
    4 Howling Brave
    3 Wild Growth
    1 Chlorophyllia
    3 Lithe Lyricist
    2 Silvan Performer
    1 Ageless Troubadour [weapon]
    2 Rhythmic Spiritualist
    2 Skydancer
    2 Wild Aura
    1 Wreckasaurus
    1 Druidic Exoshaper
    1 Return to Soil
    1 Thorntongue Snapdragon
    1 Eternal Sage (testing this)
    1 Crocosaur
    2 Predator Prey
    1 Onslaught
    1 Balthasar (really liking this)
    4 Wrathwood Larch
    1 War Bot Dropship
    2 Lumbering Sparklespore [+1/+1; Spellshield]
    1 Dino Might

    The core strategy? Play early mana dorks and then drop big creatures one after another turns earlier than you normally would of, then proceed to bash face. Not the most optimal build, but it's what I could scrounge together on a budget, as well as something that feels easy to play with.
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    Troop base seems kinda random and you are missing many "stompy" theme staples like Chlorophilia /w hat.

    There is much space for improvement as your card base grows. Welcome to HEX mate

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    As Hrinkell said, welcome. What you need to do is either head to the Frost Ring or the Adventure Zone and farm a little gold. And the AZ has the advantage of a fair number of free cards. Once you get some gold, platinum or luck, you should consider Genesis Pool Naiad, Wild Root Dancer and/or Dream Stag (usually with equipment in each case) as potential mono-green accelerators.

    Has a good sort feature for cards and equipment, as well as deck lists and current prices.

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    Send an in-game mail to Angmar so I have your name. I'll give you a few more options.

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    Basically a free to play account, that's why alot of this stuff may seem random. I will be keeping an eye out for the cards that you guys mentioned, but I already have GP Naiad and took her out cause she kinda sucked.. alot... (I only have 1 copy of Chloro)

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    made changes, bump (the hag in AZ is really annoying, cause my character is a Coyo Cleric)

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    I usually add the following wild to battle (and defeat) Hag:
    - x2 Filk Ape
    - x2 Lullaby > attack with all dinglers, get them reverted (including Filk Apes )

    However, your updated list looks still inconsistent. Your 1-of cards keep you relying too much on RNG topdeck. You need x3 common stuff to increase your draw and strategy consistency.
    You can either keep farming (AZ1 or Arena) but Arena is highly recomended as the best playtime/gold farming ratio and, in addition, Arena provides Dream Stag and its equipment (another staple for mono Wild)

    At AH you can get some cheap wild commons fitting your intended "Stompy" theme:

    Feral Ogre
    Cottontail Ronin

    However, Wild is not the best shard to go full aggro (blood and ruby are right now). If you want to remain full mono Wild, I think it is better you switch to a more control-oriented playstyle including shard ramp and fatties to control the board.

    PS: Adaptatron will make your AZ1 adventures easier, I promise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chile125 View Post
    made changes, bump (the hag in AZ is really annoying, cause my character is a Coyo Cleric)
    Coyo cleric has one of the easiest game modes with a mono-diamond lifegain deck so hang in there.

    Your first talent should be the Steadfast artifact, the right-most ability. Helps a ton with Wild troops too since you attack and block.

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