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    Quote Originally Posted by iplayfromwork View Post
    In Hex. I have cards from 3 primary color (White / Black / Blue). I found close to no challenge in the campaign and frost ring arena sad to say (which is why I'm asking for higher difficulty levels)
    What race/class combinations have you played through the campaign so far?

    Are you aware of and did you complete the optional fights (that do have additional rewards and are not part of the main campaign) such as Army of Myth Level 6, the Wormoid Queen, Piranha Swarm, the Killipede quest, and obtaining the bonus card from the Sea Hag?

    Quote Originally Posted by iplayfromwork View Post
    I understand your point with the "Mental cap". I for one, would love rewards to go up with difficulty level, as oppose to handicapping myself on a personal level due to the game not being hard enough to make it challenging :/ It's like playing ping pong on my left hand, it feels hard but you are only making it hard for yourself and it feels like a joke.
    Right, that's certainly valid -- I just wanted to make sure you were aware of some things that other players have been doing (myself included), even if it does not actually yield extra rewards, because of the additional challenge and constraints that it provides.

    Generally speaking, I'm personally in favor of additional cosmetic rewards for increased difficulty ("bragging rights" as such), but only very limited power-level rewards for increased difficulty. But I do like your suggestion of a survival mode feature.

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    I would imagine as the content progresses, and we finally see AZ3 and the patch after that, we will have some really meaty end-game stuff that will frustrate your average casual.

    The challenge now is removing cards from your deck that trivialize the content, and try combinations that are more abstract and win with those. If that is not something you find enjoyable, you will be waiting a long time for specific end-game content you desire. I don't think there is a mental upper cap right now for HEX even with the limited content, it's all in how you challenge yourself.

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    Planeshaper: Yes, I have cleared each and every single item in the campaign so far. I have a Necrotic cleric, Necrotic Mage & a Human Cleric. Will probably start a red/green char soon to ease my boredom in hex

    Rewards in my opinion need to be scaled with difficulty, I basically don't care about cosmetics that much (I play Dota 2 and have spent $0 on cosmetic items in 2-3 years), and I'm not the only one in that category. Only rewards which works for me are actual tangible cards in Hex


    It is my opinion, that it is important to have a very high ceiling cap to keep players engrossed in the game. Take D3 for example, at the start, Inferno was really really tough for casuals. My casual "friends" literally took weeks off their work to play and learn the game, for they loved the challenge! This is something Hex should strive for; you do not alienate casuals by making several end-game content tough, it is the other way round instead from my experience in games.

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    I fully agree we need Hard Modes implemented, and so does HXE. As others have said, though, HXE needs to stay focused on finishing the basic PvE game systems (we are still missing 3 classes and two tiers of class levels, raids, Keep Defense, Geared PvP, and more) and on getting PvP sets releasing on a regular schedule of at least twice (if not three or four times) per year.

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    I'm bored to death :/ Playing Dota 2 till the update hits lol.

    Not a fan of paying to enter tournaments, there basically ain't much to do in Hex for players like me who don't wish to spend too much $$ in games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iplayfromwork View Post
    I'm bored to death :/ Playing Dota 2 till the update hits lol.

    Not a fan of paying to enter tournaments, there basically ain't much to do in Hex for players like me who don't wish to spend too much $$ in games.
    Thanks for sharing ...

    I'm glad you didn't come into this game before the Frost Arena launch. You would have never given it a second chance.

    Some of us have waited approx. 3 years for the point we are at today.

    I want to reinforce what some of us are saying in this thread about this games current time-line and content release vision.... This game won't have the content you desire to keep you entertained for an extended period of time, for at least another 6-8 months.

    At least, there is no shortage of amazing games out there to play in between, if the boredom of content farming and trading adds no value.

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    Poeple who like the challenge are minority of customers. Majority of palyers will just rant over anything slightly hard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iplayfromwork View Post
    General thoughts from a 1-month old player who has spent approximately 10+ bucks so far

    PVE is NOT hard enough. Campaign is a walk in the park, Frost Ring Arena puts me to sleep sometimes. Pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. PVE difficulty needs to be "up-ed" several notches to keep the adrenaline going! - i hope you are aware that this was just the first part of the campaign, with hard encounters like piranhas and wyrmoid queen outside of the main questline. i am very confident that the endgame will provide dungeons to satisfy the masochistic playerbase.

    Some suggestions
    1. Unlimited Dungeons - Think of this as a journey downwards into "Hell" to steal some treasures and cards. There should be unlimited depths and incremental difficulty as the player progresses. Deeper you go, harder you get, and more/better rewards you stand to win. When you die, you start from 0 again. -i doubt you or anyone of us have thought of anything that cory has not already imagined for the future^^. Would love a D3-Rift style dungeon.
    2. Frost Ring Arena - Optional difficulty bar which increases difficulty and rewards. Many ways to do this; give incremental bonuses for opponents in accordance to difficulty scale -huge no no, this just screams abuse by faceroller decks and will be frustrating for newer players.

    May I suggest that all cards be obtainable everywhere? Just reduce the drop rate to 0.000001% if need be. This at least give players the glimmer of hope of obtaining that dream card with every battle they enter. This helps a lot in keeping players motivated
    - you earn Gold, that is how you are supposed to be able to buy every card you want
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    Out of curiosity, what are you running in the Arena that is putting you to sleep? What is your deck list?

    In my experience, like with most card games, if you are bored it's time to build a new deck. Fast aggro decks can be quite boring if played repeatedly, no doubt about it. But there is an INSANE amount of decks that can be built in this game, and so many amazing combos and synergies that I can't see getting bored with this game in such a short amount of time unless deck building is just not your thing (but then why would you be playing CCG's if that's the case?). I've been playing for a year now and I still haven't built and played all of the decks I want to play with, and I've built dozens of decks. There's just so much you can do.

    Are you able to post your deck list, or maybe link to it from Hex TCG Browser?

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