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Thread: HEX Shards of Fate: Are you over 18? Marketing Ad

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    Seems we have gone from "Come to Cali" to "Look Females".

    Clearly marketing at its best.

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    Taking you at your word that is disgusting and needs to get killed ASAP. There is a difference between poor marketing and bad marketing this is bad marketing at its finest.

    I'm not even exaggerating when i say people less invested than me will leave over things like this.
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    Agreed that this needs to be killed immediately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kami View Post
    Does anyone have actual proof of this? Screenshot, etc.?
    It's the internet! Proof is optional and surplus to requirements!!! It just gets in the way of a good pitchforks and burning torches session!
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    Selanius is with us from the very beginning so I give him some credit and see no reason to distrust him although making an add like that just seems way too absurd.
    Some Link or actual screenshot would be much appreciated - even if it's only to give HXE the means to shut it down.
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    Gameforge has done some really bad marketing,this sounds like them and really need to be checked.

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    Okay guys, seriously - who is doing your marketing?

    Things that are wrong:

    "The new pve update is here"

    That ad copy is horribly out of context. Firstly, while "PvE" is a somewhat standard term, it still might be meaningless to new players or people from non-rpg/mmo genres who don't think of their games in terms of "pvp" and "pve". FPS players don't generally refer to COD single player campaign as "pve". Just saying.

    But let's assume they know what PvE is, what on Earth nonsense is this statement? "The new pve update is here". The only people who would understand the relevance of this are people who already follow HEX and know that AZ1 wasn't in the game previously and that Frost Ring was the entirety of pve before the update!

    What it should say, "Campaign mode just released!", "Explore Entrath in the Campaign!"

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    Well then. It's not a bad score, it's actually a fairly good one, but it's not exactly much of a bragging point. I think the cut-off is 9/10 or higher. Just use a favorable quote from the review, or even some witty joke or flavor text from a card. This is just kind of a weird brag about something that isn't particularly brag worthy.

    The cards are flipped wrong. They're not even correct if you're looking at them from the opposing side of the table. This is just some basic design work and no one could bother to even check it. Clearly whoever is doing this for you doesn't give two craps about the quality of their work.

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    Does anyone actually have a screenshot of the ad the OP is talking about?
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