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Thread: HEX Shards of Fate: Are you over 18? Marketing Ad

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    HEX Shards of Fate: Are you over 18? Marketing Ad

    I was reading an article about delegates and the political primaries today when I received some unexpected HEX marketing.

    The ad asked me "Am I over 18?" and had a picture of a girl in a corset and some HEX cards in the background. I clicked yes to see what the advertising was like. The next question was "Most characters look very sexy, and you have to choose a sexy girl to fight with you, will you allow it?". Upon clicking yes it took me to Gameforge's homepage.

    What does everyone think about this style of "flash game" marketing? I personally think it could hurt HEX's brand. If I hadn't already played HEX I would assume that it is going to give my computer a bunch of viruses when I downloaded it after seeing that ad.

    EDIT: Including imgur links of the ads so people can see for themselves

    Moderator Edit:

    Hi folks,

    This isn't a real HEX advertisement. I would be careful clicking on any links this sends you. It looks like a legit ad (background) overlayed with a png of the girl (possibly NSFW): Somehow they also scrape a logo to throw on top of the generic fantasy yes/no button box. Notice the old logo.

    Unfortunately the URL in the screenshot is not available for me (dns fails), so I can't see how they construct the site. It's possible that they are scraping the user's previous advertising history and constructing this advert. I don't think HEX is big enough on people's radar to spoof adverts generically, but maybe I am wrong.

    We'll obviously mention it to our publisher, but at this time we are not treating it as real HEX advertisement and advise the person who had this come up on their machine to double check their machine for malware.

    Locking this up, so it doesn't spin out of control.

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    Your keep awaits, m'lord.

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    You're kidding right?
    Gameforge really knows how to do it the wrong way

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    on which site was this ad ?

    I want to see it myself. I wouldn't put it past Gameforge to advertise Hex this way. And yes...sounds like exactly the kind of ad that does more harm than good (impression: "not a serious game").
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    While I am 100% for sexiness I am very much against false advertising so I hope this gets taken down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khazrakh View Post
    You're kidding right?
    Gameforge really knows how to do it the wrong way

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    The reason for the big backlash that happened when the partnership with Gameforge was announced is becoming more and more apparent to me from experience. Even if this type of marketing (as exemplified by the Evony ads) brings in new players, it attracts people looking for a Dead-or-Alive-type experience and not the TCG enthusiast the game is actually targeted to. It screams bait-and-switch and strongly implies that there is no game worth playing behind the ads.
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    Urgh this sounds pretty bad and not the type of advertising I'd expect/personally like to see for hex... but then I'm already playing hex so am not a target demographic perhaps.
    But still, feels wrong to me. However, I'd need to see it in person to fully judge it.

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    Dear god is that actually how the advertisement was worded?

    I must see it now

    Can't deny that Madame Anana is pretty smoking though

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    I would very much like a screenshot of said ad. If they are indeed marketing Hex like that....plz no ...just

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