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Thread: Set 4 early access rant

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    Question Set 4 early access rant

    I am one of those who lurks in the forum and not very often write, but I have been thinking a lot on the fact that the players who went to the Invitational got a chance to play set 4 before the rest of us. When this was announced I felt that it was a good thing because at gencon last year when players got their first chance to play set 3 the spoilers came out instantly to us at home, this time however it seems that there have been a non disclosure clause forbidding this?
    Why is this bothering me?
    Well in my opinion a large part of this game is that there is real value to the cards and we have a player driven economy. When a subset of the population know what cards to come it makes it an unfair advantage. For me I have basically stopped buying and selling in the auction house since the invitational just because of this.
    Are anyone else feeling the same or am I overly cautious?

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    I'm going to say your a bit overthinking it
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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfCrypt View Post
    I'm going to say your a bit overthinking it
    I'm going to agree here

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    Within a day of the full release, all cards are known anyway, it is just that amazing feeling when you open a new pack and see some cards that have not been spoiled yet. (c) Cory's childhood.

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    Unlike some other perks that you can get whilst visiting an IRL event, I do not think that being given the opportunity to test a new set is bad. In fact, I think it is a great thing to be able to test a new set in this way since it is likely to increase people's willingness to go to those events.

    But there has been some strange AH behaviour lately and one can at least speculate that this has to do with certain people betting on certain cards rising in value. Whether it has enough impact on the general economy I do not know. I do understand the OP though, but I have no positive suggestion to offer here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyckan View Post
    Are anyone else feeling the same or am I overly cautious?
    I'd say you're bordering on tin-hat mode than being overly cautious. The fact is, a lot of information has already been shared to and by the community regarding Set 4 - we already get nearly daily 'spoilers'.

    You also have to keep in mind that it's possible for those cards to change prior to final release too. HEX has stated they will not be modifying PvP cards once released/finalized but if a card is leaked before it was finalized, I could see why they would do it this way.

    This is also one of the first times there's been no Set 4 test server spoil too. Again, likely reason being that they haven't locked down the cards for final release yet.

    Long story short, I'd wager they're trying to avoid the "This PvP card got nerfed/changed!" outcry for any potential changes they're thinking of. The invitational Set 4 was probably a minor play-test to see if anything they were concerned about actually needed action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kami View Post
    The fact is, a lot of information has already been shared to and by the community regarding Set 4 - we already get nearly daily 'spoilers'.
    Disagree. We've seen jack all. We've had like 50 of 300+ cards released, and the set is supposed to be out in a couple of weeks.

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    You do actually raise a good point. I have heard a couple of people talk about a card that they think is good enough to need banning. None of them can tell us what this card is though. This does give them a chance to buy up cards that combo with this or counter it, giving them an edge on everyone who was not there.

    Having said that, I think this sort of thing is self correcting. If people are able to make good moves based on advanced spoilers then you will see more people attending the live event and this will reduce the amount of value people get from this.

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    There is unfortunately some logic in what he is saying.

    I too am reluctant to sell cards on the AH in the event that they are worth more with the release of set 4 than they are otherwise.

    It's not a huge deal to me but I see where these comments are coming from

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    i mean... the people that went to the invitational invested quite some money to be there... getting a little bit value back seems fair
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