So, I lost a round in VIP this last weekend due to this cool little combo. I thought about it a lot, and talked to a few people, and the majority thought it was not a bug, but I'd like clarification anyway, especially due to the swiftstrike bug being previously addressed with Spiritbound Spy.

Anyways, the combo is simple, and achieved easily in limited on turn 2.
Turn 1: Play Diamond Shard, Play Spiritbound Spy
Turn 2: Play Blood Shard, Play Abominate targeting the Spiritbound Spy, target the Phantom with the buff.

What is weird is that this can't be done with other cards that have sacrifice payment costs like Shin'hare only triple sacrifice res buff. Where the Shin'Hare technically are already in the crypt, and you could technically target them in the same window this happens, but the game does not allow it..