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Thread: [Team MoMCards] [EXCLU] Reveal a new card PVP SET4

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    That's an ice card!

    Note: Chill does not have a "grey" rarity icon, hence it is not a token card. It is an uncommon in its own right, like Scorch, so will also be obtainable in packs (and may have equipment to go with it!).

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    Yep, Chill was one of the text only spoilers we got from everyone at the Invitational. It was posted in the Spoiler Compendium thread.

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    This guy will be great in a PvE Crowfeather deck with heavy action synergy. Probably only as a x1, but it will still be very nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfCrypt View Post
    THAT. IS. BADASS, An arctic Coyotle???
    Hey. Hey. Calm down...
    ....take a CHILLL PILLLL


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    Blue eyes...lots of ice wherever it goes around. I'm pretty sure the Starks were warning us about him whenever they say, "Winter is coming!"

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    Chilltail Guide

    More tremendous art!
    It's always going to be in the shadow of Menacing Gralk (so long as that is PvP legal), which is a shame as otherwise I think we'd be wowed by combos such as Chilltail Guide + Storm Cloud.

    However this could take out a single monstrous threat turn after turn (might be helpful in PvE), or in a troop heavy part-sapphire deck Wrenlocke + Chilltail = full hand replenishment on top of control.


    I like it; in meta or PvE where you don't expect Scorch to be very viable, this is decent control - and being sapphire you can combine with Wrenlocke, Winter Moon or the like to craft some control-friendly cantrips.
    If nothing else, can give Salt Harpy a nice buff without having to take ruby.
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    I think Chill may be a relatively high pick in the S/R "actions matter" / Gobbler decks.

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    Thank you for sharing.

    Edit: Thanks RoPeTTe!
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