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Thread: Mimic + equipment bugged for second Mimic

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    Mimic + equipment bugged for second Mimic

    Bug: When using Mimic with its equipment (the created replica gains something like "exhaust to destroy target troop with the same name") the equipment works perfectly for the first Mimic cast. But if you cast a second Mimic on a troop with a different name, the second troop gains the ability to exhaust to destroy a troop with the same name as the first troop, rather than the second troop.

    Example / Steps to reproduce: Cast Mimic on a Salt Harpy (or some other troop). The created troop can exhaust to destroy any Salt Harpy. Cast a second Mimic on a Corpse Fly (or any troop with a different name than the first troop). The second created troop can't use its ability to destroy a Corpse Fly but can use it to destroy a Salt Harpy.

    Frequency: Seems to happen every time.

    Additional info: Another user has a video demonstrating the bug (though he didn't know exactly what the bug was) - from a thread about a different bug (Mimic + equipment not correctly creating a replica):

    Quote Originally Posted by AstaSyneri View Post
    Plus the equipment does not work. Tried this on a Reactor Bot and while I could copy it, the following round my Reactor Bot could not target the opposing Reactor Bot. Instead my own Slaughtergear Guardians apparently were valid targets for the ability. I got it on film, too, in this video at 18:55.
    (His first Mimic targeted one of his Guardians, so his second Mimic could only target Guardians as well.)

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