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Thread: Old dungeons...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salverus View Post
    this is also a quote from one of the articles.
    AKA you dont have to complete all nodes, but if you do, reward is better.
    I wonder if this is implemented with the dungeons what we have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    These dungeons definitely can't make it before we have mercenaries in the game. A 14-nodes dungeon to traverse with a single deck and only 3 dungeon lives... that would be harsh.
    Quote Originally Posted by ossuary View Post
    I can't wait to go through a 2 hour dungeon slog of 20+ encounters, to end up with a single uncommon card and 2 pieces of equipment I already have 90 copies of.
    We already do! It's called Arena.

    The fights and bosses in Arena are strongly tuned but with the easier campaign fights, I can totally see us doing long 14-20 node dungeons with a single deck and 3 dungeon lives. We already do that on a regular basis when farming arena, often without losing a single life, against enemies MUCH harder than the campaign ones.

    Our decks are only going to get stronger in AZ2 and we have all these juicy class abilities that we lack in arena too.

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