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Thread: Terrorantula hit by Jank Bot

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    Terrorantula hit by Jank Bot

    So my opponent hit my Terrorantula with his Jank Bot ability... and she just... vanished

    is that correct? Was super pissed.. that basically lost me the game
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    Terrorantula Egg - When this enters your hand or crypt, put the top card of your deck into that zone. Void this. An opposing champion creates a Terrorantula and puts it into play.

    Jank Bot - When this attacks, repeat "reveal a random card from your deck. Play it for free." three times.

    As the Terrorantula only triggers when it enters the player's hand or crypt, it would not happen when Jank Bot puts the egg directly into play. Likewise, the egg is not an action or any other normal card type so it doesn't resolve and go to the crypt. It is voided immediately under normal circumstances. So simply disappearing when it enters play sounds exactly like what should happen. There are other effects that reveal cards that would likewise not be triggering the terrorantula egg.

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