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Thread: Zakiir's Whim and Iljun's Parade

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    Zakiir's Whim and Iljun's Parade

    Your Display Name:Abhorsen
    Bug Description:
    If you create Iljun with Iljun's parade, and then Zakiir's Whim (which is transform, not revert and transform) them, you should end up with both socketed effects, but instead the Zakiir's Whim overwrites the Iljun's Parade effects

    Steps to Reproduce: Cast both cards
    Frequency: Always
    Additional Information:

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    This isn't a bug.
    A troop being given a socket isn't counted as a buff so it doesn't stick through transformations. Otherwise cards like arborean rootfather who has sockets already on the card would keep the socket powers even if it was transformed into a dingler

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    Reeplay is correct. It isn't a bug. Iljun's parade creates the card with the socket, which means it is part of the base card. The socket is not an addition to the card, and therefore doesn't carry through transformations. There are cases where the powers of a socketed gem can be given to a card, such as Azurefate Sorceress, but that is not an actual gem.

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    Except the Iljun being created aren't being given the socket - or if they are, they should show up on the card. Instead, they're being created with the powers of the socket added to them.

    If Reeplay is correct, then I would argue that it's a display bug that the Iljun created don't have the socket on their card, filled appropriately.

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