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Thread: Look what my wonderful wife just gave me

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    Damn he is really professional artist that's gallery worthy and really intense.
    Quote Originally Posted by NOBLERooster
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    Answering a couple of the questions...

    Quote Originally Posted by RobHaven View Post
    Who made?
    Where get?
    Need buy.
    1) My wife
    2) My home
    3) Nope!

    Quote Originally Posted by pyrovoice View Post
    please tell me that's her job. that's awesomely done, from the drawing to the content
    Oil painting is a hobby she discovered about 5 years ago. She's actually an aesthetician/beautician (facials, manicures, waxing, etc.), and a nail artist. Here's some of her nail work:

    That's what she does for a living. Oil painting is just for fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Valnir View Post
    Is there any site or place where we can see more of her works?
    She mostly does reproductions. Her original work leans more towards the abstract type. I uploaded some of the stuff that's displayed around the house here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nero_Jinous View Post
    Nice art. Fred what is your IGN?
    Keep name is Bedrock. Cuz I'm Fred of Bedrock. Yabadabadoo!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mejis View Post
    Will she take commissions for other pieces??
    Quote Originally Posted by Mokog View Post
    Commission info please :-)
    We wouldn't be comfortable making money off of this given that this is a reproduction, and the copyright for the original belongs to HXE. Unless we get Cory's blessing, we will not discuss this.

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    Holy shit that's awesome, and your wife is badass.

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    that definitly looks great!
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    The Hex team really needs to have your wife make some art for a few cards in upcoming sets.

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    Ugh. Now I've gotta find someone to paint me one of these. Looks amazing.
    HexEnt is too long to type, They're HXE now.
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    Feel free to contact me for where you can have it shipped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kami View Post
    That is amazing. How long did it take her to paint?
    About 50 hours spread across multiple weeks.

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingMeatchip View Post
    The Hex team really needs to have your wife make some art for a few cards in upcoming sets.
    I disagree. Most of the credit goes to the original artist that actually created that piece of art. I wish I could name him/her, but I don't think that information has been divulged yet. The only reason this painting looks as awesome as it does is because my wife rocks at replicating art that was already incredibly beautiful, and she wouldn't want to take the spotlight away from the original artist.

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