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Thread: Finally Micro-Transactions are here!

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    So what happens when our shards run out of lives? No way to get new copies once we burn through our 200.
    Pretty dirty way to get us to sleeve them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    I am so hyped now that I can put my cards into semi-transparent plastic sleeves to protect my awesome Princess Cory sleeves from being worn out. However, at 20 plat each, it is a little pricey, and therefore clearly a high value sleeve that I will want to protect from degradation. Why hasn't HXE implemented a third slightly larger sleeve that I can put over those sleeves to protect them.

    My theory is that they are delaying that third-sleeve feature on purpose in order to force the 20p sleeves to wear out and make us spend even more money. That's a classic Cory move right there.
    lol everyone has been at a tournament at some point where "that guy" showed up. You know, the guy who had all his deck inside sleeves which were inside the plastic top loaders. And every time he tried to shuffle everyone bust up laughing.

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    Very funny April fools joke, Love it

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    Am I the only one that wants this to be real just for the sake of throwing money at it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magic1313 View Post
    Very funny April fools joke, Love it
    Wait... what?

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    I have a very serious question about this new feature.

    Will we need to move our precious legendary cards from sleeve to sleeve once a year, to prevent the paint layer from sticking to the new plastic sleeve? This is an utterly necessary thing. I don't want my full art Phenteo or Zoltog to grow gradually more dim because most of the paint is sticking to the plastic sleeve, unless of course I can manually re-sleeve it to prevent "sticking".

    And, since this is a digital product: will we be able to track how long a sleeve has been in use (maybe by a hidden time counter on the sleeve)? If we could then sort our sleeves by age, it will be easier to tell which sleeve is closer to the end of it's life span and must be mustered out.

    Anyways, grand idea HXE! You really know how to keep up with the troubles of the dedicated card collector!

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    I dont care if somebody want to sleeve a pixels but I am really happy this announcemed is a joke couse I would be really pissed if Im forced to buy sleeves becouse my cards are wearing down.

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    Sad thing is I wouldn't put it past many companys especially in the mobile game space to do stuff like this for real
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    This announcement will certainly affect my ability to grind PVE, bad move

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    Some of my friends sleeve sleeves I don't
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