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Thread: Finally Micro-Transactions are here!

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    Finally Micro-Transactions are here!

    I've been very upset that CZE has not nickel and dimed me of all my hard earned money. Finally my prayers have been answered. I can't wait to plastic sleeve my entire collection.

    My hopes for this update:
    1) The protectors are shiny and slightly opaque to reduce my eye strain from looking at those god awful sleeves in game now.
    2) The manual sleeving process is taken from surgeon simulator to get an authentic sleeving experience. The sleeves won't open right, it's hard to find the opening, a little moisture gets in there and the sleeve sticks to your cards, or best yet, there's a chance you can damage the card or sleeve if you botch the attempt. This type of technology will really bring the joy of manual sleeving to Hex. Something it's definitely lacking.
    3) They sell them in different colors and sizes, and they sell out occasionally. I've always liked that finding matching sleeves is like a TCG in itself. I remember going from store to store to find sleeves to match the ones you already know, and the frustration of realizing the sleeves you match are just slightly different then the ones you just bought. That kind of chore is really character building.

    I hope everyone else is as hyped as I am, and that HEX does this right. If they mess it up, I'm quitting HEX forever.

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    Are you realy believing in aprils fool article?
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    It would have been much more demented if they released a complex April Fool's trick to get uruunaz to appear in the arena, and it wasn't a joke...
    A man can dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elwinz View Post
    Are you realy believing in aprils fool article?
    Re-read his post. It is dripping with irony and satire.

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    Are you "realy" believing his April fool's response to an April fool's joke.

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    When will i be able to use my own third party made sleeves!? no other tcg on the market restricts the player to only us there own trademark sleeves.
    This kind of monopolistic sleeve market is not good for the sleeve market as a whole and needs to stop!
    more home made sleeves to the people,

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    Nice, what we were waiting for. Can't wait to spend all my money :P .

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    Can Jank Bot decks get a bulk discount?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quantius View Post
    Can Jank Bot decks get a bulk discount?
    Just sleeve your Jank Bots, that way you know exactly when you are going to draw it!

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    Im sick of overpaying for plastic hex sleeves in USD as opposed to euros

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